Meet the team: Daniella Dickison

Name: Daniella Dickison 

Year: Senior 

Major: Environmental Science 

Hometown: Clinton, New Jersey 


HC: What did you do this summer? 

DD: This summer I was hired as a environmental science intern for HDR, INC. While there I worked on various environmental problems such as redevelopment of land or property that has been contaminated with hazardous waste such as various Superfund sites, landfills, or other areas that previously held various contaminants. 

HC: What is HDR, INC? 

DD: HDR, INC. is an architectural, engineering, and environmental consulting firm. It focuses on the redevelopment of land and looks at the possible building on that land to make architecture green, to make engineering most efficient, and environmental to remediate contamination. 

HC: What part of your internship did you like the best? 

DD: The part that I enjoyed the most was Act II, reporting such as a Phase I. Phase I is an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA). During the internship I wrote my own Phase I. 

HC: How can this internship help you later in life with your career? 

DD: The experiences that I gained in this internship reaffirmed the path I want to take in environmental science. Along with that, the people that I’ve met and the relationships that I built this summer will aid in my networking for career searching post-graduation