Meet Morgan and Alexandra

Names: Morgan Schermerhorn and Alexandra Hart

Majors: Biology and Neuroscience

Years: Freshmen

Hometowns: Archbald and Pittston

HC: Hi Alexandra and Morgan, let’s start off with what you are hoping to achieve on campus recently.

MS/AH: We’ve noticed that while the University of Scranton offers a wide variety of exercise options for students to participate in throughout the week, such as Zumba and yoga, the school does not offer the students the option to participate in spin. So, we’re hoping to change that! We’re on our way to establishing the first spin class at the University of Scranton. It’s pretty exciting!

HC: What exactly is spin class, for those readers who do not know?

MS/AH: Essentially, spin class can be described as cycling with various routines that match fun, energetic music. The instructors have varying intensities and resistances throughout the routine to keep the participants fully active throughout and constantly changes things up to keep them engaged as well. The music is also very upbeat, which helps to keep the students distracted from just how intense these workouts really can be!

HC: How long have you two been doing spin class?

MS/AH: We’ve both been attending spin class for over two years, and we’ve loved it since the first class we attended. We’re confident other students will feel the same if our goal is achieved.

HC: What are some benefits to doing spin?

MS/AH: We’ve found that spin class is a great alternative to running or the elliptical to engage in cardio throughout the week. It’s a typical workout, so it burns calories, builds muscles, and improves overall health. It is very low impact as well, so it doesn’t damage your knees or hips as much as running or other workouts might. The instructors incorporate yours abs and arms as well, so it’s not just a workout for your legs. It’s a full body workout and you can definitely see and feel the workout results after each class.

HC: What exactly is the process for starting your own spin class?

MS/AH: We had to receive over 200 signatures, which was absolutely no problem. We actually had to stop having people sign the petitions because we had so many that we just wanted to move onto the next step to get things really moving. Now, we’re waiting to meet with the athletic director to promote the class and show just how many students are interested in the school offering this class. After meeting with him, our proposal will go to a board who will have final say in approval or disproval of funds for the class.

HC: How can other students help this spin class to get up and running?

MS/AH: Students can help us out by voicing their opinion throughout campus. Just talking about the possibility of this new opportunity on campus shows how interested students are in this class and will really aid in the approval of the funds, which will be the hardest thing to overcome, but we are so incredibly confident this will work out for us! We really enjoy spin class and just want to offer it to students, so they can enjoy it and fall in love just like we have.