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Love Your Body Day passes by once a year, but we should be celebrating it every day. Everyone is born with different genetics, you just have to embrace what your mama gave you. In reality, there is no true “perfection,” because every person is so unique in their own way. Sometimes I feel down about myself, because I no longer have the stick thin figure my sisters have. But, when I think about it, I know I am a healthy young woman and I am comfortable with myself. So why should I put a frown on and wish to be something I am not just to please society’s “perfect” standards?  I have learned to love my curves, my small boobs, and my thick thighs. As soon as you are proud to be you, others will learn to love themselves too; body positivity needs to be passed around in order to put an end to body shaming. So ladies, let’s start talking about what we like about ourselves, rather than fretting over the miniscule “defaults,” we grew up thinking we have! If someone tells you that you are beautiful, soak it all in, don’t just sit there and deny it. Embrace your differences and you will start feeling beautiful both inside and out. 


Here are three ways to spread self-love and body positivity:


1. Post self-love messages on your Instagram story; I do this almost every day! Not only do the posts make me feel good, but it makes others feel good too. 

2. Write on a post-it note and stick it to a public bathroom mirror. It can say anything along the lines of, “you are gorgeous,” “slay the day, “stay positive,” etc. 



3. Tell someone that they are beautiful and give them a reason why. 


You got this! Start spreading love now.

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