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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Scranton chapter.

I miss you  

And not the way someone misses someone who’s dead  

I miss you because you’re still alive,  

But I grieve the space you left instead  


To someone I regarded as kin 

To someone with whom everything was shared: 


Clothes and bras  

Stories, memories  

And everything else I’ve spared  



I look back to the girl I was and the woman I am to be  

I look back at the girl you were 

I see parts of her in me.  


Memories drift by of places  

That you and I used to seek  

Your shadow still remains 

She stays inside me  


I often think if God allowed me to rewrite 

 the stars  

Would I trace that divine pen to where  

Our paths 

Would align, 

At All? 


I wish I could say no. 

But every time I hesitate,  

I say yes.  


Even though our paths don’t align now 

I wish you always the best. 

I hope you drink your water, 

That your bad days get better, 

I hope all your scars will soon be healed 

For the good and the better  


I know our paths don’t cross anymore. 

The divergence in a path that we thought was concrete 

My love for you still remains. 


To J and To B.  


Ysobelle Reyes

Scranton '22

Ysobelle is a Physiology major at the University of Scranton. She loves fitness and creative writing. That's why she loves HerCampus so much! She practices meditation which helps college stress and she frequently travels to the Philippines to visit family. Ysobelle is very passionate about fitness and basketball and is involved in intermural teams on campus. She wishes to pursue a career that combines both her passions of creative writing and fashion and beauty. Her first year as a HerCampus member allowed her to be able to freely write works she always wanted to publish on a public platform.