It’s Time to Embrace Your Perfectly Flawed-Self

Everyone at some point in their lives will exhibit toxic traits. We are all human. And it’s only human nature to make mistakes. However, these mistakes do not make us bad people; it is how we handle our mistakes, how we recover from our mistakes, that determines our character. 


If someone is striving to enhance their best qualities and rid themselves of their own toxicity- they are on the right path. Many of us are quick to play the victim and say “well that’s just how I am.” 


No. If you notice that you are draining the people around you, then it is your duty to reflect upon yourself. It is okay to admit you have toxic traits; denial is a deadly coping mechanism and it will not get you anywhere in life. I am not afraid to admit that I have been the “bad guy.” I have been the “bad guy” in the eyes of others; I have been the villain in their stories.  


And being the “bad guy.” It used to bother me. I would ask “Why do they see me like that?” or “How could someone view me so wrongly?”However, I realized that not everyone is going to see the best version of myself and that is okay. 


I am constantly striving to mold myself into a person I would be proud to call my friend, daughter and girlfriend. 


Close your eyes.Imagine that you are looking at yourself through someone else’s perspective. Keep your eyes closed.Look in depth at your actions. 


If you would want yourself in your life. Then, you are doing well for yourself. You are growing into the best possible version of yourself- a masterpiece in progress.


If not, then it’s time to take a step back and work on your flaws. 


Don’t be scared to stand up against your own demons because once you do, you will find yourself on the right path. Don’t make up excuses for yourself. Don’t normalize your abnormal tendencies.


Your actions can be venomous. Once you give up trying to grow into your best-self, you’ll find yourself falling into the same toxic friendships and relationships. No matter how old you are, you can always reflect and point out your weakest points. Never stop trying to achieve the best possible version of yourself. Every day you are growing.