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How to Survive finals Week

With finals week around the corner, here is a list that might make it a little less stressful.

Make a plan

Figure out what you want to study first and for how long. Do this with each of your classes. I recommend only spending about a half hour to an hour on each subject and then take a break.

Start studying early
Find a study spot

Study somewhere free of distractions and put your phone away. I love to go to the library or the lounge in my dorm.

Go to office hours

I can’t emphasize enough how helpful this is! 


This is a must!!!

Fuel your body

Eat nutritious, filling meals but don’t forget to treat yourself!

Practice self-care

Whether it’s doing a facemask, hanging out with friends, or working out, do something that makes you feel good!

Study smart

I like making flash cards and doing active study!

Get enough sleep

Remember it’s a marathon not a sprint. 

Take a deep breath

Just remember that your grades don’t define you. 

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