How Good Vibes can Actually Change Your Life



You’ve heard of the phrase “good vibes only” coined by Coachella and boho-loving Instagram models, but have you ever thought about using this in your own life?

Girlfriend, welcome to the world of manifest destiny and the law of attraction and I’ll explain to you exactly how staying positive and putting out good vibes can actually change your life.


Okay so you’re in public and you see a girl wearing a bomb ass outfit... Do you go up to her and tell her that? Or do you just give her a blank stare that makes you look like you have RBF and judging her for popping out? Well, the law of attraction says to go up to her and just tell her she looks hella good in that fit. Why? This starts a snowball effect. Complimenting her gives you a great day to start the day while having a stranger tell her she looks good might make her want to compliment someone else. So, this is just the first step of the law of attraction. Pretty much you attract what you put out. No one wants to be a negative person and get negative vibes back into your life. So just be positive girl and put that good vibe into your life!



Now let’s say you want to use this with your love life. Can you use the law of attraction? My answer is hell yes! The universe gives you what you need; so you should have the mindset if that hot dude at the party you just saw hasn’t snap you back in a week, chances are that he isn’t for you. If the universe isn’t giving you what you want, chances are that it knows that the hottie with a body isn’t for you. There’ll always be better things in your life that come your way... just wait and the universe (and God) will give you what you need.



Okay, so let’s be honest here, no one can be positive 100% of the time. We all have those moments where we become a raging bitch and life just brings you down. This is super cheesy and is used everywhere but keep your head up always. If you look at your life from an outside perspective even having one minor setback: from being rejected, getting a bad grade on your test, or even just a moment where you feel like everything is crumbling down, should not set you back from achieving what you know you can achieve. Cause come on, Beyoncé doesn’t always wake up with her makeup perfectly done, or her body banging in a hot ass body suit every day. She has her moments too, hell, she probably has breakdowns from her chem lab and essay due next week (nvm that’s me). But these small things should never affect how you look at yourself and life, because everyone has a bigger story to write, and one sentence of a bad plot twist should never stop you from completing your book. 

So, remember girls and boys: good vibes only!