How to Cope With a Loss

Recently, I had a lost in my family; it was difficult to cope with, but I was able to get threw it using a bunch of different methods. Here are some different ways anyone can use who is experiencing a loss.


1. Seek out the caring people you have around you Having friends and relatives around can act as a support system because they can understand your feeling of loss. By having them around, it provides and an emotional outlet that can allow you to work through the feelings you have. It also helps in the grieving process because you’re not keeping all these pent-up emotions inside. 


2. Take Care of Your Health

When going through the grieving process, it is important to take care of your health because it is too easy to suddenly stop eating or lose sleep. Maintaining regular contact with your family physician, being sure to eat well and getting plenty of rest are some key ways to stay on top of your health, even in this stressful time. Find outlets for your emotions, whether it’s through a new hobby like poetry or just exercise. This is important in avoiding developing a dependence on medication or alcohol to deal with your grief.


3. Be Patient 

Patience is key because the feelings you’re experiencing are not going away; it’s only how you handle them that will change. Although grieving is very important, acceptance is too; once you get to that point, you can change your perspective of your loss so it doesn’t hurt as much.