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Fashion Bloggers You Need to Be Following

Influencers are everywhere. With the rise of social media, influencers, or more so people with a big following that post about their lives, jobs and fashion are hard to miss. There are influencers on Twitter, YouTube, TikTok and most prominently, Instagram. It can be confusing who to follow, but if you’re into all things fashion, look no further! These influencers are follow-worthy!

Natalie Zacek (@ nataliezacek) 226K Followers

Natalie came to fame from her super aesthetic posts about fashion and all things in between! She has a whole other account (@ natalie.presets) where she shares how her followers can filter their posts to be as trendy and cute as hers! She’s also, like most young bloggers and influencers, into thrifting and reusing clothes that others don’t want or need. She sells her clothes on Depop and has made a big name for herself on Instagram with other 200K followers. 

Emma Topp (@ emmaatopp) 72.7K Followers 

Emma thrives on both YouTube and Instagram. Her feed consists of bright pinks and rainbows, as she’s not afraid of a pop of color here and there. She gets creative on her Instagram by playing around with fun, eye-catching edits and keeps her followers up to date on all the best new trends. She posts about other beauty topics as well like hair tutorials and has even been sponsored by big beauty brands like Neutrogena. Her posts are fun and refreshing from typical fashion influencers’ feed

Delaney Childs (@ delaneychilds) 487K Followers 

Delaney posts all things fashion and lifestyle. When she’s not posting updates, get ready with me’s or upcoming trends on her YouTube channel (176K subscribers) she is running her highly successful Instagram account. Delaney keeps her feed fresh and interesting with in trend styles, aesthetic posts and life inspiration. If Delaney’s fashion catches your attention, she also has a LikeItToKnowIt page where she links all her clothes. 

Natalie Wojtanowski (@ natwazowski) 13.6K Followers 

Natalie’s Instagram features her life as a young girl living the dream in NYC. Her fashion ranges from minimalistic and casual looks, like the cutest hoodies to wear to a coffee shop or bolder looks for a night out with her friends. While her account isn’t as big as others yet, she is making a name for herself with her relatable and achievable everyday looks and fun life in the city! From traveling to self-care posts, Natalie has it all and is on her way to having a huge following!

Natalia Spotts (pierogiprincess_) 41.9K Followers

If thrifting is your vibe and you like going on the hunt for unique finds, this influencer is for you! She has a super cute website where she lists fun and unique pieces, she finds thrifting. She has bright and colorful feed where she posts her latest fits, nails and go to books. She has a separate account with over 14 thousand followers where she sells preowned and vintage clothing! She loves layering bring clothes and pairs her fits with a staple item like a big hat or fun sunglasses. 

Caroline Gmyrek

Scranton '23

Caroline is a sophmore at the University of Scranton. She is a Journalism and Electronic Media Major for film production. In her free time, Caroline can be found drawing, listening to music, or watching movies!