Fall Skin Care Routine

It’s every vsco girl’s favorite season… Fall! The time of year when you can drink unlimited pumpkin spice lattes, watch Hocus Pocus on repeat and break out your favorite flannel and boots. 


Personally, summer is my favorite season because my skin is beautifully tanned, and my skin is never dry. Sometimes, the transition from summer to fall is harsh on our skin. I can already tell that my face is very dry and patchy, my hands are starting to crack and my Chapstick has become my best friend. Here are some tips to keep your skin moisturized, soft, and healthy!

1 Body lotion is key. 

I am a firm believer that keeping your body moisturized is the golden key. I always moisturize my body after showering, especially after shaving my legs. My favorite lotion these days is Gold Bond’s Ultimate Healing or Radiance Body Lotion. The shea and cocoa butter smell and work like gift sent from heaven. 

2 Use a thicker face moisturizer. 

Moisturizing your face is just as important as moisturizing your body. I always use an oil-free moisturizer. But in the winter, I use one with more hydrating qualities. I recently switched from Trader Joe’s oil-free moisturizer to Mario Badescu’s Buttermilk Moisturizer. It is thicker and creamier, which is better for me in the winter.  

3 Take vitamins for your skin. 

The newest trend these days are taking different vitamins for your hair or skin. These skin vitamins are rich in Vitamin A, C, E, D, and many more beneficial vitamins. These vitamins will help with protection against UV layers, clear up acne, tone skin, give a radiant glow and keep skin hydrated. Some popular vitamins are Hum, Olly, Nutrafol, and Glossier. Personally, I take the Olly Women’s Multivitamin that helps with my skin. 

4 Invest in a facial or massage. 

These two fall skin hacks may be more on the expensive side, but it is the perfect way to hydrate your skin and relax at the same time. When a masseuse is massaging your facial or body, the skin is moved in a circular motion. This helps with blood circulation. This is the perfect idea to relax and improve your skin all at the same time.