Dear Diary: Quarantine Edition

Dear diary, 


They say home is where the heart is. 


But, what if your heart lives in a different home, a second home, a home away from home. My home is at the University of Scranton. There, lives my heart and my soul. I know it’s cliché. But, it’s true. Pardon my French, but quarantine sucks.


My first year of college, I commuted. I already survived the homework at home phase of my life. But, here I am again, sitting in my child room bedroom (slightly miserable) doing my homework and well, you guessed- writing this article. I begged my parents for months to let me move on campus and now I’m back home. The irony! 


Switching my housing status from commuter to resident, it was really a confidence boost and it was a happiness boost. It’s funny how such a small lifestyle change could really impact your life forever. I remember ripping that commuter sticker off the bumper of my car. It felt good. It felt like freedom and adulthood. Gosh, my tone is really dramatic today. Sorry not sorry.


But, anyway, back to the point of this article. My days are boring… with a capital B. Yet, I strive for routine with a teaspoon of imagination. Some days my bedroom is a classroom, while other days it is a yoga studio. Some days it is a beauty salon, while other days it is a movie theater. At times it's frustrating, but it is an escape from reality. 


I dabble in cooking. To be honest, I’m not bad. I really should work on my presentation though- it’s pretty rough. Food is food, right?


I clean. I clean my room. Fun fact- I just ordered a new carpet (snow leopard print). I might as well spruce up my room if I’m going to be here awhile. 


I work out. Funny story. I have dumbbells on my floor. Oh, don’t worry it gets funnier. The other night I woke up, ran to the bathroom, and while I was running. Well you can take a guess. I fell. I faceplanted into the hardwood floor because I didn’t see the stupid dumb bells on the floor. I mean who would, it was pitch black. But I guess the bigger question, that you’re all thinking is- who leaves dumbbells on the floor… on the center of the floor? Me!


I online shop. Oh boy, I online shop like it's an Olympic sport. Every morning, when I wake up, I even check to see what shops are having sales. I know. It’s an obsession. 

Well, see you tomorrow diary! Sleep tight.


I’m going to bed. 


Just kidding. I’m going to binge Netflix for a few more hours. 


Peace out.