Broken Glass

Everyone has gone through at least one tragic event in their lives so far. Some have not been as lucky as others and have gone through countless tragedies.

Everyone is broken in some form or another. Most people are scared when they hear this. They do not want to come to terms with the bad and can’t cope with it.

I think people should embrace their broken parts. I think of it as literally pieces of broken glass.

You shouldn’t be afraid to pick up the glass & try to fit it back together. Yes, you will bleed again but you will do it on your own terms. You will learn to accept it rather than fear it.

I do believe it will never be fixed perfectly, because like real broken glass, it is not a perfect puzzle. However, I think that’s what makes us all unique.

We all have our own individual scars and we shouldn’t be afraid to admit it.

The sooner we discover our true selves, the sooner we can love ourselves.