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Behind HC: HC Scranton’s Female Empowerment Talks

As I sit here writing this article, I'm half way through my second year as Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Scranton. I'm proud of all of the growth the organization has had, and how we have continued to grow as a community. I've thought up and started many new iniatives like the Big/Little Mentorship Program, Scranton Cribz, takeovers, the wellness team and more. The one I am most proud of is the Female Empowerment Talks. My co-Campus Correspondent and partner in crime Mackenzie launched the program last fall. It was the first of it's kinda in our chapter and I haven't really heard of any other chapter doing it. With our next one coming up this week, I thought I'd give a little insight in to what they are, why we do them, and why our members love it!


What are the Female Empowerment Talks

For our Female Empowerment Talks, we invite women who inspire us and our community. For example, we've had our former CC & my favorite CC of all time Julia Wardeh give one. We've had local icon Sammi Shea, a business owner who has her own podcast speak too. Basically we have questions submitted by our members and community via email, Instagram DM or a form. Our Vice President of Communications Alessia Brunori collects these and prepares them for the event. Our Empowerment Speaker then gives a talk on a topic for our members. Julia gave one applying to med school, and how to make the most of your college experience. Sammi's was focused on being a female entrepreneur and photography. We then open it up for pre-submitted Q&A. These typically take place during meetings after a five to ten minute regular meeting. 

Why Female Empowerment Talks

These talks give the members of our self run organization and community an insight and inspiration by empowering women in all fields. We seek out inspiraitonal women who can speak on topics our members are passionate about. Women in all different areas - business, STEM, fitness, entertainment and more. This gives our members an oppurtunity to get advice and counsel from women in the top of their fields. This has been perfect for the pandemic. It gives our members something fun and producti ve to look forward too. This let's them feel empowered and inspired. 

Why Our Members Love It

Many talks at university are academic driven. These talks allow our members to ask questions and get real world insight from girl bosses in their field. Even if they aren't interested in the area being covered, they can learn a lot from these amazing succesful women! They are tailored to our members interests and passions.


If you want to experience a HC Scranton Female Empowerment Talk for yourself, come to our next one this Thursday at 8:10 on zoom! Our speaker is Mattia Krappa and she is a local business owner and makeup artist! DM @hcscranton for details!

Carly Long

Scranton '22

Carly is a senior studying Strategic Communications with a concentration in Legal Studies at The University of Scranton. This is her third year as CC at HC Scranton, which she hopes to continue to elevate. In her free time Carly can be found writing, working out, or buying new products to feed her skincare addiction.
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