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My younger sister, Madison, prides herself on one self-care day a week. And to be completely honest I never really understood her philosophy. She doesn’t spend the day taking a hot, candle lit bath or preparing face masks. She spends the day alone. Some days she’ll make a smoothie and lay by the pool, while other days she’ll treat herself to a fancy and moderately expensive drink at Starbucks followed by cleaning her car (so exciting). I’ve always thought it this ritual was a little weird. I mean, my sister is a little weird if I’m being completely honest. But, I could say that because she’s my sister. 


Alright, I’m getting a little off topic here. Back to the point. I now understand it. I understand the meaning of her self-care days. Over the years society has sort of implanted this idea in our heads that being alone means that we’re lonely. However, it means the exact opposite. Solitude translates a language of internal self-love. A complex complexion of self-love that lies behind layers and layers of thick doubt and uncertainty. An orchestra of silence that sends sound waves of serenity and tranquility. Angelic tones of reassurance and positivity. An inner peace as majestic as a lone walk.


It is strength to sit alone at the movies. 


It is bravery to sit alone at a meal. 


And it is courage to stand alone in a world that demands we must have people shape us and surround us. 


I do not want the message of my article to be confused. I believe in support systems. I believe in friends. I believe in depending on other humans. 


However, I do not believe that other people should provide us our self-love. For that my friends, is a powerful and almighty intangible, self-grown manifestation. 


So, what is the message of my article? 


To be alone is not loneliness. It is simply a blessing and opportunity to curate a self-grown garden of happiness and prosperity. 



Mackenzie Mickavicz is a senior at The University of Scranton who majors in strategic communications with a public relations track and concentrations in women's and gender studies. This is her second year as CC of Her Campus Scranton. She loves coffee, candy and cupcakes.
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