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Apple Spice Cold Brew Recipe

Fall is the perfect season to enjoy the inviting scents and flavors of warm pie and crisp apple. Throw a twist on your normal morning coffee with this recipe for Apple Spice Cold Brew! 

Step 1- In a large mixing bowl combine 1 cup of coarse coffee grounds with cinnamon and nutmeg to taste. If this is your first time start with approx. ½  tablespoon for each spice. 

Step 2- Add your mixture to a cold brew pitcher or French press 

Step 3– Pour water over the coffee ground mixture and let brew in the fridge for 12-48 hours 

That’s it! Serve over ice and Enjoy! 

If you’re looking for a drink for a colder day, then simply use this same coffee ground mixture in a coffee pot or other brewer as normal for a warm inviting fall apple drink! 

Molly Lennon

Scranton '22

Molly is a sophomore Physiology major pursuing a minor in Entrepreneurship and a concentration in Health Humanities. She is a proud member of the Women’s Golf Team and the University of Scranton. This is her first year as a part of HC Scranton and when she isn’t studying or playing golf she can be found reading, cooking or relaxing with her dogs.
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