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5 Ways to Work on Yourself this Year

If you are like anyone else on this planet, 2020 has been a rough year for you. That being said, you probably went into 2021 hoping for it to be better than the last. However, are you really following through on those resolutions you made one month ago? Chances are, with how hectic the new year has already been, you may have forgot. Never fear, as we all go through this phase. The key to getting back on track is knowing that any day you can start again to try working towards a better version of yourself, even if you skipped doing it the first month of the year. I have personally spent the past month working on myself and improving the areas of my life that needed my focus all along. I persist through this each day because I remember what is important to me and focus on those goals each day. Now, I want to help you also do the same for yourself. Not only is mindfulness and self-growth therapeutic, but it also helps fix the problems in your life surrounding school, relationships, tasks, etc. Here are a few examples of ways you can be the person you truly want to be this year and say you really fulfilled those resolutions.  

The first way to better improve your life is by taking the time each day to meditate. As someone who has always enjoyed meditation, I could never seem to find the time in my day to meditate every day. I always wanted to find that balance, until one day, I realized that there is always enough time. I use an app on my phone that does anywhere from one to twenty-minute guided meditations, that I usually listen to when I first wake up in the morning or right before I go to bed. Personally, meditation helps my mood each day and focuses me to be more calm and at ease. Although it may not be the same for everyone, it most definitely can benefit you in many ways, including that of self-reflection and finding your inner peace.  

Another way to improve yourself each day is by taking time each day to do one task you repeatedly enjoy doing. For example, I love reading, but never used to be able to find enough time to do it consistently. Now, I make time in my day each morning, noon, or night to read two chapters of a book. Reading helps excite me, make me feel positive and motivated, and most importantly, helps improve my desire to enjoy my hobbies on a regular basis. Your hobbies could include playing your favorite instrument for about twenty minutes or so. Another example could be drawing for ten minutes a day. The main point of this self-improvement idea is to do something you love that will help make your days feel on track and pleasant.  

The best way to improve yourself is to focus on good health and cleanliness habits. While it may seem annoying or tough, doing simple tasks like making your bed before you leave each day, or brushing your teeth and actually flossing too, can make your day feel much more accomplished and on track. The best way to work on self-improvement is working towards the mini victories, then making your way up to those bigger tasks. Trying a new cleanliness routine of tidying your room, or organizing your school-work, or even your routine of hygiene can make you feel fresh and excited each day.  

A method I enjoy using to help my mindset often is by trying something new. Whether it is trying a new activity that I am afraid of, like ice skating, or trying a new hobby, like journaling my thoughts and feelings. Picking up new ideas through experiences makes us who we are, so it is important to try and work on pushing our limits. Sometimes, trying a new meal you have never had before turns out to be the best you have had, which motivates you to try more new dishes. Activities are the same way, that once you try one new one, it is easy to keep trying others. Crafts are one great way to do so, by trying a new skill like learning calligraphy, knitting, painting, using clay, etc. Similarly, trying to learn how to play an instrument, trying activities such as doing puzzles, or learning more skills such as a new language can improve your sense of self-awareness, by reminding you that if you put your mind to it, you can do it.  

Finally, the best way to improve yourself is to focus on yourself before anything else. Make yourself your top priority. I’m sure you are probably thinking “how do I do that?” The simple answer is to be more honest with yourself and others. If something bothers you, speak up about it, even if you are afraid. If you have more open and honest communication with yourself and others, you can improve your goals and wants in life to more truly align from where you are to where you want to be. If you do not like the way someone treats you, don’t let them continue negatively impacting you, speak up and tell them how you feel. If there is a change you want to see in a relationship then state it. If you work on how others treat you so that it makes you feel more positive, you will be able to make yourself more positive easier than ever before. Those who want to help you are the people you need to cherish. Anyone else who treats you wrongly does not deserve to be with you at your best, so keep that in mind when you are working on creating your best self this year.  

Hello, my name is Dominique Preate and I am currently a student at the University of Scranton. I love Her Campus because I love getting to read what other girls want to write about, as well as all the new friends I have gotten the opportunity to meet along the way!
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