5 Things You Wish Someone Would Have Told You After Losing Your Best Friend

When I say, “losing your best friend,” I don’t mean when you break off a long friendship after a meaningless fight. I mean when you wake up one morning and your best friend is no longer. You feel as though the heartbreak and emptiness will never go away, like time will never speed up.  Trust me, I’ve felt this way. Now being on the other side of the emptiness, I wish someone would have sat me down, looked me in my eyes and told me what would actually happen after the feeling of devastation finally faded away. From one lost best friend to another, here are some experiences I’ve encountered after losing my partner in crime…

I warn you now, everything will be okay and here are some things to look forward to…


1. When anything good happens to you, you will constantly have them to thank.

Like when you find money in an old jacket or purse. They knew you were struggling to get that coffee, girl.


2. The signs they give you when you’re about to do something YOU KNOW you’re not supposed to do.

Almost like when you’re going to hook up with that guy who totally screwed you over once before, but then something comes to you that makes you entirely want to stay home instead.


3. When you’re really in your feelings, they’ll leave you a little sign to say that they are there and everything is going to be okay.

For instance, when you’re up at 3 a.m. sobbing to a shuffle play of Taylor Swift’s old hits, they’ll somehow sneak your favorite hype song into the mix. My guess, it’s probably going to be something by Lil Uzi Vert.


4. You will no longer cry when you hear their name or see their picture. Instead, you will reminisce all the fun and outrageous memories you’ve made.



5. Instead of being sad on their birthday or memorial date, you will celebrate!