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5 Dorm/Apartment Decorations Ideas for When You’re Feeling Bored (and Stressed about Midterms)

Do you ever glance at your bare apartment walls, or blankly stare at empty spaces in your room and think- “I want my room to look like the ones I see on Instagram, Pinterest and VSCO?” 

Well, you’re in luck! I know everyone’s thinking, “It’s midterm season, why would I need tips on how to decorate and DIY my room?” And to that my friends, I say why not!I’m a big enthusiast of organized spaces and surroundings. So, what better time than the present to take some initiative and spice up your living space. Here are a few decoration ideas for your room- DIY projects included!


1 Color Scheme Wall Collage

While scouring the internet for room décor, I stumbled upon a few super cute, pre-made collages. However, I noticed that the price these simple products exceeded one hundred dollars. Why should we spend so much money on a piece that we can make ourselves? I exited out of my internet browser tab, and turned to my handy Pinterest app.

My room color scheme is mostly yellow. So, I searched “yellow photography” in the Pinterest search engine. I printed 52, 5X7 photos on Shutterfly for a super low price. I highly recommend! The photos took approximately a week to be delivered. If you don’t want to wait for photos to ship, you can also print photos from your printer at home. And the final step: Tape the photos to your wall in the order your heart most desires. 

Here’s what mine ended looks like:


2 DIY Color Blocked Painted Letter

I have a tradition of making color block painted letters for my roommate each year; I use a variety of colors, which allows us to all create our own theme in our room while still displaying a simplistic unity. 

Materials: Wooden letter (font is your choice, but I use the bolded letters so I could get more creative), tape, acrylic paint, paint brushes, permanent marker, pencil

Follow these seven simple steps: 

1 Take the wooden letter and place the tape horizontal across the middle.

2 Pick two base colors and paint one above the tape and the other below the tape (if one of your base colors is white you could just leave one space blank). 

3 Once the base colors are dry, outline the tape. Then, remove it. 

4 Take your pencil and draw in the desired spaces that you just painted or the previously taped section.

5 Go over the pencil markings with a permanent marker or different color paints. 

6 Outline the tape tracings with a permanent marker to separate the different colored panels. 

7 Let it dry. 

Here’s how mine turned out: 


3 Wall Clock

I never keep a clock in my room at home. But when I’m at school I like to see what time I’m randomly waking up at or what crazy hours of the night I’m falling asleep. A clock also helps you to stay on track, while adding a sense of hominess to your home away from home. 

I have a gold metallic hanging clock on my wall, and I am so happy with it. It brings a nice sense of comfort and makes it look like you life is in order, even if you’re absolutely drowning in work!

Check it out: 


4 Instagram Mirror Wall

We all take mirror selfies, they’re an inevitable part of life for a college girl. So, jazz up your selfies a bit with this décor idea! 

Hang up your mirror with some command strips and buy a chalkboard banner (found in birthday decoration sections at retail stores). Then, write cute sayings and quotes! Hang the banner directly above the mirror. 

I added a set of 2 prints the say “sweet” and “dreams.” I also am planning on putting string lights around my mirror! Another idea would be to decorate with some greenery! 

Here is my wall and some others:

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