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3 Essential Tips to Avoid Burnout at the End of the Semester

It’s that time of year again: finals season is approaching. Many college students (myself included) tend to feel burnout or a huge lack of motivation during this time. Here are my 3 crucial tips to help prevent burnout at the end of the semester:

Prioritize self-care 

This is kind of obvious, but it’ll surprise you how many students I know fail to take care of themselves throughout the semester, especially during this time of the year. Self-care can be something as simple as going on a walk to Starbucks early in the morning to something as indulgent as going on a shopping spree at a mall after class. The point is that self-care is important 365 days a year, but even more so when it’s finals season.

Use a planner

Now more than ever, planners are highly important to keep you on track for when final exams are, what assignment due dates are coming up, etc. You can’t rely on your brain to remember all of this information while simultaneously trying to prepare itself for these coming weeks. My favorite planner app on my iPad is Zinnia, you can get super creative and stay on top of everything at the same time!

New Habit Everyday

In the few weeks prior to final season, try incorporating a new habit into your daily routine every day. For instance, on Monday, try meditating for 10 minutes, on Tuesday, go to a local café to study, on Wednesday, try a new machine at the gym, etc. These small habits may seem small and unnecessary, but keeping everyday new and interesting allows you to rest your brain from stress and focus on something exciting for each day. It is so easy to do, but makes a huge impact on your mental health in a time of heavy stress.

Most importantly, pace yourself, stay on top of your assignments, take breaks, and limit stress! Happy finals season, you got this!

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