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22 Feelings While at a Family Gathering

For most of us, family gatherings are the bane of our existence. Who really wants to hang out with their awkward extended family for a long period of time? The answer is no one. Unfortunately, Easter is coming up and we will have to put on a pretty face. We can all relate to the 20 thoughts and feelings that go through one’s head during this time.

The stages of a family gathering:

1. Do I have to go?2. Is there going to be WiFi there?3. Is there going to be alcohol there?4. Fine, but if anyone starts a family sing a long I am leaving.5. Can I just stay in the car?6. Oh no. My socially unintelligent aunt sees me… HIDE!7. No, Aunt Sally, I still don’t have a boyfriend…8. My sister is already drinking… it’s 10 a.m.9. I really hope this doesn’t turn into a family intervention.10. Where is the family room with the TV?  Must find something to do.11. Why is my cousin wearing that? We are at a family function.12. I am going to need a drink.13. No, Aunt Sally, I don’t know what I am doing after college yet.14. When is dinner going to be ready?15. Here we go. Uncle Steve is giving a speech.16. 15 minutes later… still giving a speech.17. Someone broke a glass… at least Uncle Steve stopped speaking.18.Yes, my grandma made mashed potatoes.19. Mom, can we please leave now?20. Here she goes catching up with her sisters, as if they don’t talk everyday anyway.21. Mom’s giving me dirty looks for texting…oh well.22. Oh, yes, we are so incredibly proud of my same aged cousin… another 4.0 semester… I didn’t skip any classes this week, that’s good too, right?



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