18 Things Only College Neat-Freaks Will Understand

Being clean is one thing, but being obsessed with cleanliness is another. Most people will try to relate to you by telling you how clean and organized they are, but you see right through it. There’s a huge difference between being clean and being spotless at all times. You’re not sure if it’s an issue, but you really do pride yourself on being the cleanest person you know.

1. Screw the yoga and meditation – your ideal stress reliever is wiping down everything.

2. You would never let anyone into your room if it’s not spotless.

3. And by spotless you mean literally spotless: no dust, no dirty clothes, no unpressed sheets, no unfluffed pillows, or messy floors.

4. Once your room is clean, you can just sit and bask in its glory and it makes you happier than any guy, wad of cash, or new outfit could.

5. Being late to class < making your bed before class.

6. If you couldn’t make your bed before class, the first thing you do when you get back to your room is a full dorm detox.

7. He could be nice, funny, smart, and cute, but if he has a messy room...he's out.

8. When someone sits on your bed, a piece of you dies on the inside.

9. And when that same person tries to tidy up the wrinkles they just created, you can’t help but die a little more because you know you’ll just have to remake the whole bed.

10. While everyone is putting aside money for makeup and clothes, you need to restock on Swiffer pads ASAP.

11. Everything has its particular place in your room, even the trinkets with no place have a place in the "things-with-no-place drawer."

12. Having one hanger facing the wrong way is equivalent to a dagger in the chest.

13. Your favorite cabinet is the one with all of the cleaning supplies.

14. Your hangover cure is cleaning up the mess everyone made the night before.

15. Cleaning your room makes you feel like your life is so together even when it may be falling apart.

16. Nobody can tell you that your room is messy because it never is. If anyone even dares to comment on an imperfection…

17. You love to organize everything right before a long weekend so you can come back to your tidy little sanctuary.

18. But you know that as soon as you come back you need to wipe the film of dust that’s collected on everything. Your work is never done.