SCAD Haunted Housing

SCAD Haunted Housing

Written by: Bethany Alves 

Savannah Georgia, the city built on the dead. If you have ever been to Savannah, you know how much we pride ourselves on being the city built on the dead. This does not exclude the Savannah College of Art and Design campus, and when students are picking housing for next year hauntedness is something they account for. Here are the top 3 SCAD dormitory haunts!

  1. Oglethorpe house

Click, Click, Click the heels of a woman walking through the halls. This is a familiar sound to the residents of SCAD's O-house, particularly the 6th floor. In the 1970s Room 634 on the top floor belonged to a prostitute and her son. One day the mom had gone to work, and the son was playing out on the hallway when one of his marbles fell off the balcony. The boy about the age of six, leaned over the railing on the top balcony and fell six stories. The mom was devastated and only a few weeks passed before she jumped off the same railing. Now students experience weird things such as hearing heels run down the hall in the middle of the night, and the sound of marbles rolling around. One student claims he came back from class one day and found foot prints of a small child running from the shower to the door.  The room itself is known as the most haunted of the sixth floor, but if you live anywhere on the floor they won’t forget about you.

  1. Turner house

              Don’t worry about living here next year because these dorms are turning into a freshman only area. However, that does not make the story less interesting. Students will hear knocks on their doors through the day and nobody will be there when they open it. People living in 433 might tell you that’s the least of their hauntings. They live in the only room completely haunted in the turner house. Their drawers open, and things are shoved around the room in the middle of the night. Want proof? Its on YouTube just look up Turner 433 haunting. Two SCAD students were hearing noises at night and one believed the room was haunted. So, betting there laundry money on who was right they set up a camera and what they captured sends chills down your back.

  1. Pulaski House

              As of last year this house was an all-girls living area, however with the massive size of the incoming freshman male students have been allowed into the rooms. The rumor is that this house was created in 1941 to house nuns. Many became sick in an epidemic that hit Savannah in the 1920s. Not long after it became a homeless shelter, where a young girl died. Eventually SCAD bought it for dormitories. Now male students have reported being pushed in the halls and picked on by an unseen presence. Is this the ghost of the nuns or the young girl? Maybe neither but boys may want to stay out of this haunted house.


Although they might end up in a haunted house SCAD students don’t need to worry, there are no accounts of students being injured by any of these spirits. Good luck picking housing for next year, and happy hauntings!


Photo source: SCAD.EDU