A Modern Take on 90s Fashion for Summer


Has anyone else been aware of how much of 90s culture is starting to make a comeback? Not only is our favorite 90s show, Full House, coming back into our lives, but now 90s fashion is starting to pop up on the street and red carpet. Now.. 90s clothing were iconic, funky, and colorful, which was great, but nowadays, that particular style needs to be adjusted. Here’s some examples of modern takes on 90s fashion trends that can you can rock this summer!



Berry Lips

The first trend on the list does not really need to be changed at all. Thanks to new lipstick formulas, as well as lip stains and glosses, the berry lip look has never looked better. I mean just look how amazing Emma Watson looks rocking this look! Berry lips are the perfect way to add a little extra sexy and mystery to your summer night look.




Choker Necklaces

Choker Necklaces were probably one of most important and popular trends that defined the 90s. They were made of plastic and created a somewhat intricate loop design. To make them a little more time appropriate, we replace plastic with more chic materials like pearls, chains, and leather. And instead of loop designs, simple straight lines are the way to go. 




Doc Martens

Doc Martens will never go out of style! They’re edgy, versatile, and they add character to any outfit, whether it’d be a hoodie and jeans or a floral dress. 




Leather Biker Jacket

So just like Doc Martens can stand the tests of time, so can leather jackets. Now, I know what you’re thinking, ”Who in the right mind would wear a black leather jacket in the summer heat?”

Well here’s the beautiful part of refreshing the leather jacket look, instead of just plain black, you can get yourself a jacket with a different colored leather, like blue, green, or red!




Crop Top

Looking back at the nineties, many girls wore the infamous crop top. However, back then, most of the crop tops on the market were ill-fitting and not flattering on the female form. Thankfully, the crop top has evolved and has now become a piece of clothing that helps accentuate your body. They’ve become so chic that some people have designed work wear around it, as well as red carpet wear. This is also the perfect garment for the summer heat because it lets you’re skin embrace the sun and wind (remember to wear sunblock, though).