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It’s Okay to Have Self-Love

Do you tend to find yourself scrolling through Pinterest or Tumblr posts quite often? At times do you stumble upon posts of models and celebrities, look at what they’re wearing, what they’re doing, where they’re traveling, what they’re eating and wish you could be doing/could be  “the same”?

In the sense that you wish you weren’t studying all hours of the night and getting the bare minimum amount of sleep to function? In the sense that you wish you could up and run to jump on a jet and go to…who knows where, anywhere but here? In the sense that you wish your looks could earn you a great deal of money?


“You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously” –Sophia Bush

It is important to have self-love. If you don’t have it now, find it. If you have it, keep it. Always! If you think self-love is a bad trait to have, think otherwise. If you believe self-love is a great characteristic to have, you’ve got the right idea!

It is important to have self-love for acceptance, confidence, and your personal physical/mental health.

No matter who you are, you are you, and will forever be you. You won’t be your mother, your father, your sister; you are no one else but yourself. Essentially this means you need to accept yourself for who you are. You should be happy with your physical appearance. One’s beauty does not relate to another one’s. Each individual has their own beauty about them; on the inside as well. There’s a quality in every person that differs from another person a foot away. Accept your advantages, weaknesses, and quirks for what they are!

Confidence is key. It is the best “boost” you can give yourself. It assists you to take on the world one day at a time achieving what you thought was to be impossible. Instead of doubting or assuming that you won’t obtain something, you’ll chase after what you want no matter what. Whether it’s by a long shot you’ll still take a leap of faith/chance and if you get what you wanted, you’ll be even more proud of yourself. This will help to push you to your next challenge, (a grade A instead of a B, an internship, a job, a promotion, loosing weight, gaining friendships, rekindling relationships, etc.)

Your health is a primary concern, whether it’d be your physical or mental health. The mind and body are what keep you going throughout your entire life. Life is too precious, beautiful, and short to be cut even shorter. Take care of your life as if it is your prized possession. It makes it easier on you; to be able to focus on the other important and life changing happenings. It will help to better the relationship with your loved ones and friends. It will make working much more than a task to complete for the day, but a learning experience everyday. It will make hobbies more than something just to get your mind off of things, but something you want to do any moment you have the chance to!

No one is perfect. Literally! Some may try to be more than others, but that’s not necessary. Have a positive mind, and outlook on things always, because mistakes will be made. That is simply the nature of humans. Mistakes are the learning process, and the process, as a whole will reach an outcome of success! Take each day as another opportunity to better yourself. Don’t worry about what someone else is doing, what they’re wearing, where they’re traveling to, what they’re eating, how they look, etc. Don’t worry about trying to better someone else either! Simply learn from others and experiences. There will be hiccups, trips over bumps, and some straight up downfalls. But do not beat yourself up about it!

Just remember to always have self-love

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Tajiya is pursuing her B.F.A. in Fashion Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Although she has a "passion for fashion" she has other interests that she finds of importance and loves to write about them.
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