5 Ways to Spruce up Your Basics

Midterms are finally over! THANK GOD! However, every quarter this marks an unconscious change for myself and many other SCAD students. The first half of the quarter I really try to look good for class. I get up an hour earlier to get ready, and I plan out my outfits so I don’t wear the same thing too many times. Then come mid terms and its leggings or boyfriend jeans and a tee, probably the same ones over and over after countless all-nighters.

At the end of the week we get a little reprieve and take a nap and a shower so we look and feel a little bit better. Here’s the change, the convenience of the leggings and tee has set in and that sets the tone for the rest of my quarter.  I tend to no care as much. So I’ve got a few tips on sprucing it up so it looks like you spent all night coming up with your outfit.

1.     ADD LEATHER: One of my favorite things to do with a casual outfit is to add a leather jacket! It adds such a cool spin on ant outfit. My go to is the Leather Biker Jacket from H&M.

2.     JEWELRY:Adding bold jewelry to a tee shirt is always a good way to get noticed. I cannot tell you how many times I get stopped because of my necklaces, even when my outfit is just jeans and a tee shirt.

3.     ADD A CUTE BAG: Along the same lines as the jewelry, a good bag will definitely pump up a boring outfit.

4.     PRINT: I like to incorporate print to add a little fun to a casual outfit. I like wearing my Leopard Vans. They are a really cool way to add a little something to your solids.

5.     HAIR  & MAKEUP: Doing your hair and makeup is a great way to add a finished look to outfits you just throw on for comfort. When you really don’t want to spend time on your hair and makeup, a cute bun and a pop of color on the eyes is plenty. I like to use my NYC City Proof Eye Shadow for my eyes. Pair that with a good CC cream and a bronzer and you’re set to go.