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5 Tips for Making Your Goals Achievable

We all have goals that we would like to achieve in life, but there a number of us that have no real idea as to why we have yet to get to where we want to be in life.  I’m not claiming to have all the answers, but I have been trying to figure out what it is that makes us sometimes fall short of what we really want to accomplish.  So here are just a few things that I realized have worked very well for me in the past and has been proving to be a fantastic formula even now!


1) Organize, Organize, Organize

I noticed even with myself that I would set goals, but have no map or plan as to how I would attain them.   So for example, say you would like to lose ten pounds in two months, it would be so much easier and more fulfilling when you break that up into smaller goals and see that you are making actual progress.  The best thing to do is to split that 10-pound goal up and set a certain amount up for your self to have lost by a specific time.  A great goal to strive for you in this situation would maybe be to have lost about one and half or two pounds by the end of each two-week period during the two-months.  By making it smaller you increase your chances of actually following through with your plans. 


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2) Form a Support System

Do you ever find it easier to accomplish something when you have someone in your corner that shares a similar passion or drive?  Regardless of if that individual is sharing a journey that is in someway related to the one that you are undertaking or not, it is always a good idea to have someone or a group of people in your corner to keep you on track with your ‘smaller’ goals.  A friend, family member or even someone you meet along the way would be a great fit for the job, and helps to keep you accountable and motivated.


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Keep the positivity up!

Like the famous saying of the decade states, “Ignore the haters”, I would simply restate it because it’s so simple, but yet such an important aspect to staying strong enough to make it to the end.  Pay attention to those within your circles.  Are they adding value to your life or doing just the opposite by pulling you down every chance that they get?  If it’s the latter, then that relationship may have run its course.  Keep company only with those that assist you in being or becoming a better version of yourself.

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Confidence is Key

It can be difficult to have confidence in yourself when you do no think that you have reached a certain level as yet within your life.  One way to gain confidence in yourself and your abilities is to avoid comparison with others.  My mom would always tell me, “There is always going to be someone out there that would be better than you at something and someone that would be a little worse off”.  So try to keep in mind that there is no one on the planet that is exactly like you that can bring precisely what you have to the table.  You are unique; your fingerprints prove that! So have confidence in who you are and what you can do.


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Visualizing yourself at the finish line

Constantly keep a strong visual of yourself already reaching the level that you want to be at.  It would probably also be helpful to have a physical image of your self achieving a goal as well.  This may sound a little weird, but to do this I would sometimes create mini collages of pictures (vision boards) with me in my own jewelry store for example.  Now that I’m studying my passion of jewelry design in school, I’ve realized that I would one day like to branch out and have my very own brand and business.  Your goal might be to travel around the world; it would be great to have a Pinterest board dedicated to it, but it would seem even more possible if you have strong visuals of yourself doing what it is you want to do, or achieving just what it is you want in life.


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I am currently a college student sutdying Jewelry Design.  Fashion and all things chocolate, eventhough they may not have connections to each other, are my muses! I personally love travelling and writing about life's experiences because I feel like there is so much to be shared particularly in a positive light! 
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