5 Halloween Costumes That You Must Give a Chance


October has finally arrived which means cooler weather, pumpkin scented everything, pumpkin flavored everything, and best of all - Halloween costumes. Every avid lover of Halloween knows that choosing the best costume is crucial to enjoying Halloweekend. Here are 5 relevant costume ideas that will turn heads, not break the bank, and keep you from looking like just another cat. (Seriously, put those kitten ears away.)


Katniss Everdeen. Admit it. You love The Hunger Games and secretly aspire to be Katniss. Well, what better than to be her for Halloween?! All you'll need is a black v-neck tee, a pair of army green cargo pants, a black rain jacket, combat boots, and her infamous bow and arrow. Create a messy side braid iwith your hair, and apply a luminizer to your face to give yourself that "I just survived another game" glow.


Donald Trump. Arguably the most entertaining politician to ever run for President. The key to nailing his look is the hair and the suit. A honey blonde/golden wig that isn't too realistic looking with a side part is critical. Head to halloweencostumes.com for a cheap purchase of the wig. Borrow a suit from your boyfriend or guy friend (if you're similar in size). If not, get one thrifted or at a not so expensive store like Kohl's. A crisp white button down and red tie will complete the look.


Cookie Lyons. The HBIC of television today. Cookie's look is a bit simple, but it's her fierce attitude that is the cherry on top. Gather up a faux fur coat (check your mom's closet or head to the thrift) a cheetah print bodycon dress, black stillettos, and a pair of black frame sunglasses that lets everyone know who the boss in the room is.


Victoria's Secret Angel. If you're looking to sexy it up a bit, this one is for you. Get familiar with the Victoria's Secret Angels and choose your fav. If you're bold, sport some lingerie for the night. If not, just cover up with a baby pink or white silk robe. Lather your skin in baby oil for a sexy glow and add some loose, bouncy waves to your hair. Heels are a must. (You are a mdel for the night, remember!) And don't forget your wings! (can be easily found on Amazon). 


Stella from Orange is the New Black. Our girl crush from the hit Netflix Series 'Orange is the New Black'. Stella's look is super easy to pull off! Find a brown jumpsuit and if you don't already have a short cut, fake it with a wig! Cover your arms and neck with fake tattoos. Above all, have confidence as Stella is the coolest girl behind bars. An Australian accent is a no brainer.