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5 different ways to use coconut oil

Superfoods are one of the biggest trends in our generation today, which is why I’m sure you won’t be shocked when you read the title of this post. Now, I know you’ve heard about coconut oil and all of it’s amazing health benefits (unless you’ve been living under a rock). However, I don’t think most people really understand the biggest reason coconut oil deserves to be deemed “super.” This is because coconut isn’t just a food. We should really be calling it a super product or, I don’t know, the holy grail. Coconut oil is so versatile in the way it can be used, sharing its nutrients and powers through so many different techniques and applications. What exactly is coconut oil, you ask? It’s the oil that’s extracted from the meat of fully grown coconuts. The nutrients we get from adding coconut oil into our diets is the richest form of saturated fats; which, helps improve brain function, promotes satiety, and can encourage fat-burning because of the mct’s (medium-chain triglycerides) found within it. Like I said, there are so many ways you can reap the rewards of using coconut oil. (Before you buy make sure you read the last sentence of the post to ensure you’re buying the best kind!) Here are 5 different ways you can incorporate coconut oil into your everyday lifestyle: 



You have to remember, your skin is your body’s biggest organ. Whatever you put on it, it absorbs. I like to use the saying, “if you wouldn’t put it on your tongue, why would you put it on your skin?” Coconut oil is the one of the best ways to keep your skin moist because it’s natural & full of nutrients. I use coconut oil all over my body when I get out of the shower as a replacement for lotion. Also in the morning, instead of applying a daily moisturizer after washing my face, I apply a thin layer of coconut oil. My face has never felt so smooth, looked so plump, or healthy. It also gives you a natural, dewy glow, so you don’t even need to worry about that highlight.



Replace your vegetable oil for coconut oil. A lot of cooking oils out there are highly refined and processed. If you switch out the fake products for a nutrient-dense, natural oil, you’ll receive all that nutrients that it has to offer.  


Hair Mask

Once a week I like to take about a tablespoon of coconut oil and run it throughout the lower half and ends of my wet/towel dried hair. I leave it in until the next time I wash my hair (so about a day), which means it’s in a bun the entire day, lol. I’ve noticed that doing so has made a tremendous improvement on how healthy and strong my ends look and feel. I’ve also used it to grow out my eyebrows and eyelashes by applying a thin layer to those hairs before bed and leaving it on overnight!


In Smoothies

If you don’t cook usually, but are a smoothie lover, throw in a tablespoon of coconut oil next time! You’ll get a dose of some healthy fats which can only benefit you and your energy for the day. Also, it contributes a really subtle and delicious coconut flavor.


Oil Pulling

You can also use coconut oil to keep those smiles healthy and white! Take a spoonful of coconut oil and swish it around in your mouth for around 15-30 seconds. The oil will strip your teeth and gums of toxins, bacteria, and plaque while also preventing things like cavities. 

I hope you learned a little bit about the benefits of coconut oil (and I say a little because there are still so many other ways you can use it). You can find it at mostly any grocery store or natural foods market. When shopping, make sure you buy the coconut oil that is cold pressed, unrefined, and virgin!


is a freshman at SCAD who is majoring in Interactive Design & minoring in fashion journalism. Her favorite thing ever is waking up early on a weekend morning, turning on "the passenger" radio station on pandora, diffusing snickerdoodle essential oils, making a healthy breaky, blogging, & doing it all with a cup of coffee right by her side.
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