10 First Apartment Essentials

Moving out of the dorms or out of an apartment with roommate’s means everything in the apartment will now be yours.  So say goodbye to those mismatched plates from two different roommates, and that ugly couch that you never liked anyways. Unfortunately, it’s also time to say goodbye to the nice blender your roommate bought, & everything else in the house you didn’t buy. It’s time to start fresh and pick out essentials that match your style.


1.       Style

Now that you get to show off your own unique style, it’s time to hit Pinterest! Start your own board of different rooms and apartment styles that catch your eye. Once you’ve got a good amount on your board, go back and reevaluate. There may be some you no longer love and you will definitely start to see a style – even if that style is called eclectic!



2.       A blender

I know what you’re thinking, ‘I rarely used my roommate’s blender, I don’t need to spend my money on that’.  Pretty sure those exact words have come out of my mouth, but after about a month there were so many times where I said ‘ugh I really wish I had a blender right now’. So I caved and bought a nice but relatively cheap one. For minimal use (like smoothies, margaritas or attempting to use it as a food processor) you really don’t need to go all out.


3.       Books

Ok, this may not seem like an essential but it really and truly is. For one, coffee table books are a must and they pull the whole living room together (plus, it’s always interesting to see what books people chose to show off to the world).  Secondly, I once read an article or a quote somewhere that said *I’m completely paraphrasing* ‘if you’re at a girl or guys house and she / he does not have any books in their apartment; RUN. LEAVE.’  Now books may not be your thing but for some people they are everything, plus don’t you want to show off a few classics on a beautiful shelf?

4.       An Eating Table

I lived an entire year without having an indoor eating table, therefore our coffee table became the eating table, the table that crafts were done on, the place that the junk mail, keys and everything else fell on, it was the everything table. And in my experience the living room is also the common room for guests or hangouts, and having a messy cluttered table is a no no. Plus having a table where you can eat at with company or just with you, yourself & Netflix is a nice change of scenery from the couch.

5.       A comfy couch

Besides your bed, (which should also be very comfy!) your couch is where you sit on with guests, where you watch Netflix, where you chill out after a long day, and sometimes it’s where your friends come to crash on. For all of those things, test out your couch before you purchase it!

6.       Extra Toilet Paper

Living alone means no one can run to the kitchen to get you a paper towel when you’ve run out of toilet paper. Plus when you buy toilet paper BEFORE you are actually out of toilet paper, you will feel like the most responsible adult ever. And trust me, it’s a great feeling.

7.       Mixing Bowls

Ok, I know it seems like something your mother would tell you to get and maybe even give you money for. Which you would then spend on something you actually wanted, right? Well I went about 3 months without mixing bowls and although I never wished I had them, when I got a set of 3 over the holidays, my life changed forever. Seriously I use at least one of them almost every day. They are my favorite purchase I did not purchase!

8.       Living Without A Microwave

Some apartments just don’t come with a microwave, and they can be fairly pricey. I decided to wait to buy a microwave until I came across a time where I really, really needed it. That moment came sooner than I expected, I went to make popcorn. I had bought a box of microwave popcorn without remembering, I don’t have a microwave. So I decided to get creative. I cut the package and poured out the kernels and butter and put it in a pot on the stove. It is now my favorite way to make popcorn! I only buy the kernels now and add whatever toppings I want!

9.       A French Press

For you coffee lovers this is the best investment ever. (Ok, so I bet a keurig is better but with limited counter space and an even more limited budget, the French press it is!) Instead of spending an absurd amount of money on coffee every week, making your own at home not only saves you money but it also saves you time wasted at the coffee shop!

Ps. You’ll need a kettle as well!

10.   Tupperware

Cooking for one is hard and therefore leftovers seem to be more common than before. Tupperware comes in handy to make tonight’s meal into tomorrow night’s meal! And if you’re not into leftovers, Tupperware still comes in handy – cut up fruit, meat, veggies, or even transporting food to someone else’s house. Tupperware is a great thing to have in your cabinets.