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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SCAD chapter.

College is an exciting and scary time to be on your own and figure stuff out for the first time. Being at an art school only complicates things though. Sometimes you’re lost in a sea of people wearing cat ears and platform shoes as big as your head and you need a little guidance. Fear not young art student, as the 10 Commandments of SCAD will show you the way to divine intervention.


I. Thou Shalt Live off of Coffee and Cigarette Smoke 

Doesn’t matter if you don’t like coffee. You’ll develop an affinity for the nasty black liquid if you want to stay awake for your 8 a.m. classes or if you decided to pull an all-nighter (God help your soul). Don’t smoke? Don’t worry, the kids outside of the bus stops will smoke right next to you and you’ll have no choice but to breathe it in because you don’t want to miss the next bus.

II. Thou Shalt Always Say How Tired You Are. Always.

Didn’t sleep at all last night because you were worried about that graphic design project you haven’t even started yet? Tell your friends how frickin’ exhausted you are. Didn’t sleep because you binge-watched your entire Netflix show in one night? Tell your friends how frickin’ exhausted you are. Actually slept well and feel pretty okay for once? Listen to your friends tell you how frickin’ exhausted they are. 

III. Thou Shalt Remove Your Bag from the Seat Next to You on The Red Bus

This is should be self-explanatory. Please. There are so many students having to stand. Have mercy on us all.

IV. Thou Shalt Buy Expensive Ass Art Supplies and Never Use Them

You look at the syllabus and see the long list of supplies you need. You rush over to Blick and buy everything on the list and come into class prepared as hell… only to discover your teacher doesn’t require half the items on the list and you want to cry. RIP your wallet. Wait until the first day of class to buy anything next time.

V. Thou Shalt have Exactly Two Breakdowns a Quarter

One during midterms and one during finals week (or leading up to finals). With only 10 weeks and every teacher forgetting they need to upload grades around those times, stuff gets insane and you get stressed. It is absolutely normal for life to fall apart during these times, so don’t feel like you’re crazy for going crazy.

VI. Thou Shalt See Furries. Just Accept it and Move on. 

Going to art school means people have some interesting hobbies. Some of these hobbies include dressing up as animals in fur suits and running around town. That isn’t going to change no matter your opinion. Just accept it.

VII. Thou Shalt Develop a Taste for Wine

We go to art school, so going to an art gallery event will have wine. It just comes with the territory. I don’t make the rules.

VIII. Thou Shalt Attend Many Themed Parties

What’s a party at art school if there isn’t a theme to it? And don’t half-ass your outfit either. Kids at art school take our party themes almost as seriously as we take our art history exams.

IX. Thou Shalt Never Get the Classes You Need

You look at the classes you need on SCAD Pro Advisor and make a comprehensive list of which classes you need to take in which order. You look at the classes being offered next quarter and make 7 back up options, just in case. The day of your register time is approaching and every time you check on a class, it fills up. Your down to backup plan 6. You’re a writing major taking Drawing 100. You want to cry.

X. Thou Shalt Always Respond “Sleeping” When Asked “What Are You Doing over Break”

Quarters are usually full of nonstop work. And that work is hard. That sleep is well deserved.

Carly Shaw is a Junior at the Savannah Campus of Art and Design, majoring in Writing and minoring in Creative Writing and Fashion Journalism. As much as she loves to write, she also loves to spend time shopping, baking and wandering the charming city of Savannah. If her dreams of becoming a fashion journalist or a fictional novelist don't pan out, opening up her own bakery with her brother will be the next thing she does.