New Year, Not a Great Start, It's Okay

January is ending and you’ve only been two the gym like twice…and? The end of the year comes with a magnitude of pressure and a list of things that you should do. A tip? Your new year resolutions shouldn’t about what you should be doing, they should focus on what you need to do.


Now that we have the month of doing things because you should out of the way. It’s time to focus on what actually needs to get done and come up with steps to accomplish what we want.


  1. First thing first, don’t let the sense of failure stop you. As Disney says “keep moving forward” because mistakes teach us lessons, they don’t restrict us or lock us down. 
  2. Pick One big resolution for yourself. I repeat for yourself, something that will help you as an individual in your life to grow and succeed. This isn’t because we’re not badass woman who can handle it all, but this is a tip to help you narrow down your focus to what you feel is really lacking in your life. We can always improve and involve but it’s a much smoother prosses if we give ourselves the time and the room to do so.
  3. And of course, with a goal in mind comes commitment. 

This about having a mindset of doing something instead of wanting to be something.  Our mindset can have a massive influence on the outcome of something. Right now, the first month of 2019 might not have gone as planned so you feel kinda down. Makes sense, don’t let that influence the rest of your year. Create a list of miniature goals that will help accomplish the One resolution of the year that you are going to follow through with.

Don’t. Use. Your. Resolutions. As. A. Way. To. Beat. Yourself. Up

Sometimes, life happens, and we aren’t able to keep up with everything. This doesn’t mean we aren’t smart or capable it just means it didn’t get done and it’s not the end of the world. You pick yourself up and you move on, this is moment where you decided if you’re going pout and belittle yourself or get back up and do better.

Let go.

Let go of old goals, of things that should have happened. Don’t live with ‘what if’ following you like your shadow. There is no such thing as ‘what if’ because we don’t have the capability to see the infinite possibilities and then pick one. Thing happened. Keep going. Whatever it is that you didn’t get done, that you want to change look at it from the prospective of what your goal for this year is. Take what’ve learn and improve, grow but don’t get stuck. Let go. It’s gonna be okay.