My Latest Obsession: Reign

By Genevieve Odukomaiya

As SCAD students, we are constantly busy with work. We eat, breath, and live work. It’s all I seem to do and I’m sure you all are familiar with the feeling. When I become overwhelmed, I certainly need a way to destress and relax and if you’re like me, during your free time, you most likely resort to either the computer, TV, or in my case- Netflix. I love a good binge-worthy show  and I’m always looking for the best new, interesting show to watch. As of late I haven’t really been on Netflix that much, but I recently just started watching this show called Reign and I’m absolutely hooked. There’s nothing I love more than knowing that in times of stress I can just sit back for a little bit and catch up on a show that 


Now let me give you a little background on the show. The show isn’t new, but it also hasn’t been that long since it ended which was on June 16, 2017. It’s a historical romance drama show on the CW network, which by the way features some of my favorite shows from the past and present like Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill, Jane the Virgin, and Riverdale. And if you couldn’t tell by the title, it has to do with the subject of royalty and ruling. It follows Mary, Queen of Scots, early adulthood life as she comes to live in the French court with her new husband prince Francis to whom she’s been engaged to since she was a little girl. The show is in fact very fictionalized. Therefore, most of the content in the show didn’t actually happen- it’s more so loosely based on her life. 


I’ve always seen this show on my recommended list and to be quite honest when I was reading the summary of what it was about, I wasn’t even all that intrigued. But something inside me told me to just see what it was about and I’m glad I made that decision because the show is so interesting. Who knew I could love a show so much set in the 16th century. It has the perfect amount of drama, suspense, and a hint of comedy. So please do yourself a favor and start watching Reign- you won’t regret it!