How Rachel Green’s Fashion Trends from the 90’s Still Make a Statement Today

As we all know, Rachel Green, the role Jennifer Aniston played on the sitcom Friends, has iconic fashion moments throughout the ten seasons. Though this may not be everyone’s favorite tv show, it is difficult not to like how stylish she was even twenty years ago. She uses her fashion as a way to confidently carry herself through all her mishaps on the show. 

One of the main ways her style is represented was through her miniskirts. It didn’t matter what season they were in, she could find a way to wear it. She complimented it with stockings, a tight long-sleeved top and a large overcoat for the cooler weather while in the summer she’d wear it with a jean jacket and summery blouse.

She also nailed the color combination of her outfits. Her casual red and blue plaid skirt with a white, long-sleeved turtle neck top is a notable outfit.  Anoter memorable look was her plaid pencil skirt with her lime-green sleeveless turtle neck which is perfect for professional, spring business wear. An area she was also an expert at was carrying off was her turtle necks. She could wear them in any and all materials, it didn’t matter if it was velvet or cloth, long-sleeved or short-sleeved.  

She knew how to appropriately wear her knee-high boots. Whether it was with her miniskirts or her long maxi ones, they matched perfectly with her outfits for both work and casual wear. Moreover, something we see a lot of today is the sheer, transparent areas in a blouse. This makes it useful for elegant but sexy and stylish wear. It can be worn for formal events or even for a date night. 

All her dresses were also unforgettable as well. They would be printed with florals, plaid or plain and flow-y, strapless or sleeveless. I think she knew how to pull off both A-line, mini-dresses and slip dresses. She knew what occasion to wear them on and what shoes and accessories to go along with it.

All in all, Rachel Green’s attire was trendy back then and remains chic even in our present fashion age. It’s not surprising that what she wears is still loved by many girls today.