How to Create a Daily Routine

Everyone struggles with executing what they have set for the day even if it’s just as simple as eating a healthy breakfast. But it shouldn't be like that if you make an effort to start your day at a reasonable hour, have a mantra or ritual that will get you motivated and work with time management just to have your tasks sorted out. And this is called a daily routine. To start with this, I have ideated several steps on how you can create your own daily routine.

Start the night before

1. Prioritize

Deciding which to do first, whether it’s heading to the gym for the workout you missed two days ago or starting that assignment which is due in five days is obviously a challenging decision. Prioritizing is the toughest when you find yourself between the personal and everything else. But an effortless list can improve the path in which you execute these and help you achieve everything! Start by numbering what needs to get done and give importance by order. Then think what you can leave out to do the following day so that you have space for the urgent ones.  

2. Plan Your Day Ahead

Planning your day ahead means handling time management. Time management is like the domino effect, if you don’t do these tasks on your planned time everything will fall out of place. That’s why with those items you wrote down on your list think about what time it’s reasonable to start your day. This means waking up early and not oversleeping, don’t be so hard on yourself (You don’t have to start your day before the whole world does!!).  

But now on to the good part, the components of a daily routine. From experience I can say a routine is the best thing you can execute that helps you in the creation of being successful and not letting yourself down. With a routine you will find it will transform as a habit that will then be hard to give up. I currently find myself going to the gym the days that I committed to and sometimes even extra, I am also eating healthier because I have time to prepare or think rather than buying whichever fast food I see first. It’s these little efforts such as waking up early that make a difference and I promise it doesn’t get you stressed out because the one who is in control of this plan is you.

3. Waking Up On Time

Waking up on time doesn't always refer to rising early but finding that middle point between well rested and not oversleeping. One thing that makes it easier for me to wake up at the desired hour is knowing that I have a delicious, healthy breakfast waiting for me in the fridge. And get creative with this! Such as a homemade Parfait, an Açai bowl or just as easy as eggs with toast and fruits. Find something quick and simple to prepare that doesn’t make you choose if you really want to eat or not. This part of a routine is one of most importance since it’s the factor which you will take on first.

4. Have A Ritual

 Having a ritual is absolutely necessary because it’s the motor into making you feel determined, relaxed and ready to seize the day. It can be something you love like a hobby, catching up on homework, checking emails or studying for a test. The best one (from experience) is heading to the gym. As tedious as it may sound, going to the gym in the morning being the second item to complete in your routine is amazing because trust me, if you do that one you can do anything else! If the gym is not your go to doing some other form of exercise also adds to the best ritual you can pursuit. In moments like these when you push yourself to execute a demanding activity the rest will be effortless for you which eventually drives you to do more effectively.

At the end, do not panic about putting this plan into effect. When you start the practice like having a daily routine baby steps will be needed. Choose by starting to wake up at a good hour to commence your day or just sitting down to write a priority list the night before. Like this you are on your way to building consistency and conquering success!