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Five of my favorite recipes I’ve used during self-isolation

One of my absolute favorite things I love to do is baking and cooking. Whenever I am bored, I always have the urge to bake cookies or make pasta. With all of the free time we have during quarantine, I’ve been in the kitchen making food for myself and for me and my mom. Here are five cozy recipes I’ve used in the past and recently that you guys should try out:

A Very Berry Smoothie (My Own Recipe)

Recently, I started making smoothies at home. I made this yummy strawberry and blueberry smoothie with vanilla Greek yogurt and orange juice. Just blend all those ingredients up and you got yourself a fruity beverage.

Chicken Ranch Wraps

This is a super easy lunch recipe that I’ve used a number of times. These wraps are so delicious and pretty healthy, as well. It only takes less then a half hour to make them. I highly recommend!

You can find the recipe here

Garlic Butter Salmon

Salmon is my favorite fish and I tend to make it as often as I can. My mom introduced me to this recipe and I made it myself for the first time. I would say that it turned out very good. If you’re into salmon like myself, I would try this dish.

You can find the recipe here

Creamy Asparagus and Salmon Pasta

With the leftover salmon I would have left, I usually like to add it into a new dish. Like I said, I tend to make pasta. So I found this recipe to make a creamy pasta dish with asparagus, Alfredo, any pasta I had and leftover salmon. When I made this for my mom for the first time, she loved it.

You can find the recipe here

Pillsbury Copycat Sugar Cookies

I used to make these for my roommates all the time before I moved back home. I love sugar cookies, especially Pillsbury brand ones. I found a recipe on how to make them from scratch and they turned out delicious. Only thing I did that was different was that I used almond extract instead of vanilla, which made them taste much better.

You can find the recipe here

These are just a few of the many recipes I had. Feel free to try them out!!

Naya West is an actor, singer, dancer, and content creator from Augusta, GA. She graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design. where she majored in Performing Arts and earned her B.F.A in Entertainment Arts. Naya also has her own personal blog, called Just Being Me, where she talks about her many life experiences and gives advice to others. Her hobbies and interests include cooking/baking, watching anime, reading, and making videos for her YouTube channel.
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