Black Girls Who Rock at SCAD Atlanta: Meet Zipporah Dorsey

Her Campus wants to celebrate the Black women who rock at SCAD Atlanta. Immediately I thought of Zipporah, also known as Zipp. Zipp always inspired me in our Public Speaking class through her confidence and personality. Zipp is one of those women who light up a room every time she walks in and beckons people to engage with her. It’s no secret why Zipporah is so inspirational. What is your major and when did you first become interested in it? 

I am a Writing Major at SCAD Atlanta. I became interested in writing in 11th grade of high school due to the fact of not only doing well on any writing assignments, but also getting feedback on improvements which inspired me to continue writing and becoming better.  

Where does your confidence and drive come from? 

From my friends and family. They are all so talented and creating wondrous things that it pushes me to write more and share my work with others. 

What are some current projects you're working on? 

I haven’t started on any projects, yet. Key word yet! I am still mastering my writing skills to where I can write for different audiences and keep them engaged but also get straight to the point information. 

What inspired you to pursue your major/where does your inspiration come from? 

I recently did some research on my great grandmother and I found out that she would write her own speeches. She refused to have people help her because she wanted to be able to write her own words and I realized that she had influenced me at a young age. 

Where do you see yourself after graduating from SCAD? 

I see myself as a reliable and trusted person and news source. I would like to be an independent source of information in which people can site for papers and etc but also look for advice or information that isn’t just about news you watch on tv. 

If there was one thing you want to be remembered for, what would it be? 

I would like to be remembered as someone who knows information and is trustworthy. Then have them become combined as a person who has trustworthy information. 

Zipporah is a Black girl who rocks!