Black Girls Who Rock at SCAD Atlanta: Meet Keatta Jerry

This month is Black women appreciation month and it’s absolutely great that Her Campus at SCAD Atlanta is giving us this opportunity to put all these wonderful women in the spotlight. My first thought went into interviewing Mrs. Keatta Jerry, a student success advisor for undergraduate Fashion Marketing and Management as well as Fashion Design for SCAD Atlanta. Though she’s only been my advisor for the past six months, as I am a Fashion Marketing and Management major, I absolutely love the advice and guidance she provides for me and am glad I have her for the next couple of years of my college career. 

What drew you to work for SCAD?

I’ve been in higher education for 11 years and have grown to love working with students. I was drawn to SCAD because of its dedication to creativity and many student opportunities.

What do you love most about your job? What do you love most about working at SCAD?

The students are my top priority, being able to support them and assist them is most rewarding. Being a college student is not easy, being away from home is not easy, figuring out life is not easy however it is my daily desire to foster and cultivate an “at-home” support system to make it as comforting as possible.

What are some of your aspirations that you would live to achieve outside of your duties as a faculty member?

I would like to own a non-profit organization for troubled teenagers. This is a vision I’ve had for many years and I am currently walking in my calling to get it off the ground. I want to be able to nurture and grow teenagers mentally and emotionally to their best potential.

What are some goals that you would like to achieve while working at SCAD?

I would like to create a transfer/transition student community here at the Atlanta campus. I would like to have a full operating system to take in our transfer students, connect them with peer mentors to make sure that their first year at SCAD is streamlined and effective. I would also like to implement a spirit week for SCAD students to celebrate college life, athletics and one another.

How do you see SCAD evolving over the next few years?

SCAD has generated major growth in Atlanta, I foresee continual development in enrollment, programs of study and networking opportunities for our students.

What is one piece of advice you would give to students at SCAD?

Don’t give up, believe in who you are and know your worth! There are so many things in life that can work against you but once you master self-worth and self-advocacy, nothing can defeat you. Be fueled by your passion and your dreams - YOU ARE WORTH IT!