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9 Workout Tunes to Get You Spring Break Ready

With Spring Break a mere week away, we’ve started to see an influx of gym goers desperate for that Miami/California/Cancun beach bod. Here at HerCampus Atlanta, we’ve compiled the top 9 tunes to get you in the zone for running those extra miles.

9 Workout Tunes to Get You Spring Break Ready

1. La Tortuna — Shakir, Alejandro Sanz

Nothing like this fiery beat to get you in the zone, the Mexican beach zone I mean

2. Single Ladies — Beyonce

Nothing makes a run easier than not realizing you’re running, and how better to forget than singing along with Queen B’s female anthem.

3. Faded — Kanye West

If watching  this music video can’t motivate you to gym harder , I can’t help you.

4. Lose Yourself — Eminem

Lose Yourself in the weight section. Not literally, but destroy those reps with this rap.

5. Hula Hoop — OMI

It’s painfully catchy, so no judgment if you  bust some dance moves mid-workout.

6. F You — Ceelo Green

You mad? We gotchu. You just really like Ceelo’s tunes? Still gotchu.

7. Burial (Skrillex, Trollphace Remix) — Yogi, Skrillex, Trollphace

Sometimes you just need overwhelming, violent noises and lucid sounds to really get you going, and Skrillex is only too happy to deliver with this killer remix.

8. Fuego — Pitbull

Still hyped, but starting to slow down? Pitbull’s Fuego brings the heat and readies you for the end of that grueling workout.

9. My Chick Bad — Ludacris, Nicki Minaj

You’re at the finish line and girl, you bad. A catchy beat that’s chill enough for cool down, you’re gonna finish STRONG.

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