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The “12-3-30”

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Anyone who is on the app TikTok most likely recognizes the order of the numbers in the title. This fitness advice has exploded on the platform adding a surge to the hashtag #FitTok. All of this buzz quickly made TikTok the new device to find at-home workouts that work, in the time of a pandemic.

This viral craze called the “12-3-30” workout was first introduced by Lauren Giraldo back in November of 2021. How this workout operates is by setting a treadmill to an incline of 12, setting a speed to three miles per hour and simply walking for 30 minutes.

Walking is an excellent way to keep fit and even, if this is your goal, to lose weight. One interesting study published in the journal Scientific Reports found that major side effects of walking more in a daily routine include enhanced creativity and overall happiness.

What makes this new trend so effective is the incline. Though this is not a walk in the park, literally, you would be getting more of a workout with the induced incline rather than just walking flat.

This incline will make sure that you break a sweat.

But as much as this workout seems all fulfilling, it is also pretty intense. To be able to walk that long on an incline at that speed, you have to be pretty in shape, to begin with. But taken within moderation, like Giraldo says, about five times a week, you could definitely get to that pace.

Personally, from someone who is not a bodybuilder and just likes to stay fit, I really enjoy this workout. Especially in the wintertime when it is too cold to go for a stroll outside. Now there is an inside walking workout that gives you benefits, if not more benefits than you would get walking outside. Who knew that walking could release the same endorphins as heavy lifting?

This workout is a really good way to start to get yourself active again too. If you are coming back off of a break from working out or looking for a place to start working out, I recommend the “12-3-30.”

So consider giving this workout a go!

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