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Swimming Into Senior Year with Maggie Woods

Name: Maggie Woods 

Hometown: Livermore, California 

Major: Sports Studies

Year: Senior

Her Campus: “What made you think about swimming in college?” 

Maggie Woods: “It was always a goal of mine and I really wanted to try and swim Division 1 because you spend so much time training, sometimes your whole life, that I wanted to feel like I got the most out of all the work that I put in.” 

HC: “How did you find your way from California all the way to Bonaventure?” 

MW: “The coach reached out to me, before I had never even heard of it! But then I came on a visit and I just got along so well with the team and the whole place just felt like home. I looked at it as an experience, getting to live all the way across the country for four years, and probably one that I wouldn’t get to have again as easily.” 

HC: “Now that you are a senior, what advice do you have for someone who is just starting out their college swimming or athletic career?” 

MW: “It goes by so fast, and as hard as it will be, take in the little moments, they go by fast and you will miss them. I know once I’m done I will miss racing especially because I will never get to race in an environment with a team like this again. Enjoy the little things and all the moments that you can, take it all in with your team.” 

HC: “What are you hoping to get out of your last season?” 

MW: “I just want to finish that last race and know that I gave this sport everything that I possibly could, that I didn’t leave anything behind. I really want to be able to say that I miss swimming and everything that it has given me.” 

HC: “Even though this is your first season with a new coach, he is the third you have had in your college career. What has that meant to you and your team?” 

MW: “It’s obviously not ideal to have gone through so many coaches. But I look at it as a reflection of our team and senior class. We have been able to handle everything thrown at us, and it has honestly brought us even closer than many other teams, which is so important. It just shows that we are able to make the best out of any situation and get the job done.” 

HC: “What do you think of your first win of the swim season? 

MW: “The potential that we all knew we had finally come to life. We knew we were capable of doing this, but finally seeing it accomplished makes me really happy and 

really proud of this team. It has reassured us that we are good and are a force to be reckoned with and I hope that this momentum will just continue for the rest of the season!” 

HC: “Outside of swimming, what else do you like to do in your free time?” 

MW: “I like hanging out with my ‘peeps,’ running, watching Netflix, shopping, eating sushi and long walks on the pebbled beaches of Allegheny River.” 

HC: “What is your favorite thing about Bonas?” 

MW: “My friends, the amazing friends I have made along the way and that I plan on having in my wedding in California one day.”

I'm a Junior Strategic Communications major at Saint Bonaventure University, also known as the greatest place on earth. Hobbies include eating ridiculous amounts of food, watching Scandal and swimming. I'm probably wearing converse.
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