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The end of the semester is nearing. Students study for exams, finish presentations and work on papers. It can be a stressful time, especially when you have other responsibilities such as work or clubs. Instead of stressing yourself out about exams and procrastinating on all of your assignments, take control of exam season. Do your best to manage your time, and get your schoolwork done, while also making the time to prioritize your mental and physical well-being.

Here are some ways to keep yourself organized and decrease your stress as you prepare for final exam season.

Create a to-do list

Organizing your assignments is an easy way to keep yourself on track. Making columns for each class, with priority assignments at the top is a good way to stay focused. Writing a paper that’s due at the end of the week should be completed before heavily studying for an exam that’s two weeks away.

Make a schedule to prioritize your time

If you’re a morning person, then get up early and start studying for a certain exam. Then take a break and move on to your next task. By creating a schedule for yourself, you make sure that you get to all of your tasks, and you included necessary breaks for relaxation, meals and other self-care.

Spend time with your friends

Make sure to make time for your friends, even if it’s a short amount of time, it’s good to get some social interaction. Getting dinner together, going to the gym together, or just chatting about your workload are some ways to spend time with friends around finals week.

Treat yourself

Taking breaks from studying and schoolwork is necessary. You need to take care of your well-being in between all of the assignments you are completing. Taking a nap, meditating, watching a tv show, reading a book, coloring and cooking are great ways to relieve your stress and free your mind from your long list of assignments.

Get exercise in

Moving your body will help you restore your energy. Taking breaks from sitting and bending over textbooks to get some exercise in can make you feel better. Stop cramping up, getting a stiff neck and feeling back pain by doing some cardio, stretches or even yoga.

There are many ways to manage the chaotic stress of finals week. Try some of these tips to stay sane this finals season.

Hi!! I'm Kelsey and I'm a senior strategic communication major at St. Bonaventure University. I love reading, writing, listening to podcasts and walking!