Our Finals Survival Kit

Who doesn't like getting little gifts around this time of year? This season of cheer is all about giving and peace of mind for everyone. Her Campus, as they always so graciously do, sent our chapter some lovely gifts this holiday season. They take care of their members for sure and most definitely understand what we're going through this finals week.

So let's go through some of the things we received:

1. Cold-Eeze

Yes, definitely something we college students need in these dorms. Sorry freshman, but you have it the worst when it comes to contracting illnesses from those you live around this time of year since you live in such close quarters. Not only did we receive a sample of this amazing stuff, they also included a $3.00 coupon for a full pack of Cold-Eeze quick melts. Health is crucial this time of year, so this was perfect.

2. Chipotle Coupon

This is my favorite thing to get when Her Campus sends us our survival kits. As going home is just around the corner, and since we don't have a Chipotle around St. Bonaventure, having the ability to go to Chipotle when I get home with this awesome buy-one,-get-one coupon to celebrate the end of the semester is nothing short from perfect.

3. 5-Hour Energy

            Between studying for final exams, finishing up final projects, and the not-so-unusual finals procrastination, we may find ourselves pulling all-nighters or just trying to get through the day. 5-Hour Energy may not always be the best solution, but it may be better than drinking coffee which will wear off in an hour or two. #TeamNoSleep

4. TREsemmé "Perfectly Un-Done" Sea Salt Spray

            We're at the point of the semester that we are done trying to "dress to impress" and the looming nature of finals is not exactly motivating. At least our hair will resemble what we're going through with, hopefully, a little more control. The great thing about this stuff is that it will give you those beachy waves without the extreme effort of doing anything to your hair. Yes, beachy waves are still in during the end of fall. Little or no effort to our hair is definitely ideal for this time of year.

5. "Admitsee" merch

We got sunglasses and some brochures about Admitsee, which is a site where you can earn money with your college application stats and essays, which is awesome for college students looking for a way to earn money. Plus, it's totally anonymous. Cool right? Free money for uploading what we already did in the past. They get that it's not cheap to go to college.

On top of all this we also received some brochures on stock trading, Issue No.2 of #ActuallySheCan ("A movement for women who are strong, smart, and driven"), and a couple metallic tattoos from Michael Kors to promote their new Gold Fragrance Collection.

 Her Campus takes care of its chapters for sure. Thank you to Her Campus for being so great to us and thank you, readers, for making the SBU Her Campus Chapter a Silver Level Chapter!