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Moving in: Freshman Year vs. Senior Year

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Freshman year move in was much different than my now technically senior year move in. I started college during the height of the pandemic. The school only gave freshmen a two-hour window to move all of our stuff from our cars into our dorm room and get everything set up (rightfully so because of COVID-19). My roommate promptly arrived right as my window ended to move her stuff in.

As a freshman, I was terrified to start college. Leaving my parents’ side after being with them every day since the pandemic started was scary. I would be two hours away from home, in an unfamiliar town, not knowing anyone besides my roommate.

Senior year move in went way smoother. By now, I was a pro at packing efficiently and specifically arranged the car to make things easier for move in. My parents knew the drill too. We nailed down the order of what to bring in first. My mom and I carried in my bedding and bed risers. We set up the bed as my dad brought in the rest of my stuff from the car.

Saying goodbye to my parents freshman year was hard. It was a difficult time for my family during the beginning of the pandemic. Leaving my parents was very scary for me, although I would only be two hours away from them, it was a hard choice to make. I was scared to leave, but on the other hand, going away to college was something I was looing forward to for a very long time. I really tried to convince myself that I made the right decision.

This August, saying bye to my parents was not difficult. We had a fun, but busy summer together. I was not nervous to leave them since I was excited to see my friends. I think they felt reassured by knowing how happy I was to return to school.

During freshman year, it was hard to make friends. I was very quiet and shy. I was super uncomfortable speaking up and sharing my thoughts in class. I did not talk to other people and kept to myself for the most part. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, students were not allowed in others’ dorm rooms, so it was hard to hang out with the few friends that I had made. We could not do much, especially in the winter months. My friends and I usually just got meals together a few times per week, since the dining hall was one of the only spots where crowds of people could congregate.

Now as a senior, my friends and I have a routine down. We get dinner together every night. We hang out on the weekends, go on walks, grocery shop and have fun together. Sometimes we even hit the library together to be productive. We felt at ease during move in because we knew that we had each other to count on.

It’s crazy to say that my last college move in happened this summer. I’m happy to see how far I’ve come, how much I’ve learned and grown since freshman year and how many great connections I’ve met along the way. I’ve made some great memories, and I’m excited to make more this year. Hooray for senior year!

Hi!! I'm Kelsey and I'm a senior strategic communication major at St. Bonaventure University. I love reading, writing, listening to podcasts and walking!