How to Survive Formal Season

Hey guys, so it’s that time of year again when things get crazy: It’s formal season. It’s a time for sports teams, clubs and any group on campus gets together and parties as a group. Now I know that formals are stressful, so here are some tips for this wonderful time.

Eat Before

This tip may not be important for everyone, but the good majority of formal attendees intend to get drunk. I know from the past that formals have drinks that absolutely destroy you. One drink in and you could be set for the night. So, make sure to eat before drinking, otherwise you may not have the best night.

Dress Warm

All you girls out there, please dress warmly. Formals are normally held at off campus houses. The drunk bus won’t take you to a house, so, that means you have to walk. From there, if planning to party hop or go to the bars, that includes more walking in the cold weather. I know we all want to look cute at formals and that doesn’t have to change, but just make sure to throw a thick coat on before you leave.

Bring a Fun Date

Your date is so important. You want to make sure you have people with you that share the same interests as you. Your date could be your significant other, or best friend. Maybe even a distant friend that you want to get closer with. Bringing a fun date is essential to having the best time at formal.

Wear Comfy Shoes

Heels make an outfit, but for me, ruin my night. I hate getting half-way through formal and being in pain from my high heels. My tip is to wear comfy shoes, and this can be different for everyone. Maybe some think super high heels are comfortable, maybe others will opt for flats. Just make sure you’re comfortable in the shoes of your preference.

So, these were a few of my formal tips. I hope everyone enjoys and has a great time at formal!