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As I have progressed to the good ‘ol age of 20 (I do not know how I have made it this far) I have realized there are some tendencies that are different from my younger self. Usually, my psychology major self would take time to comprise a list of mental coping strategies, life lessons, and random Pinterest quotes, but I decided I am going to share some of the silly things I think growing up means.

Growing up means…

1. Not hating Greek yogurt

When I was a kid, the only yogurt you would catch me having was an ice-cold Danimal or Go-Gurt tube. I do not even know if you can consider that yogurt but I was convinced I would win the Zac and Cody sweepstakes. Eventually, I would eat regular yogurt but scoff at the sight and texture of Greek yogurt. Now, I am all in. Throw in some granola, cheerios, and fruit and that’s a WHOLE breakfast (with a lot of protein too!)

2. Being petrified to look at your bank account

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory.

3. Wanting socks for Christmas

Getting older means being a little more practical with the gifts I want. My dreams for a Barbie Jeep have morphed into Native shampoo, gift cards to Walmart, and money for gas. I do not know about you, but I genuinely think there’s a little mouse in my room stealing ALL of my socks. So I count on every holiday getting a new pack to rip open and attempt to keep for more than a couple of months.

4. Traveling/being ALONE

The first time I traveled without my parents my older sister was 16 and I was 8 years old. I remember thinking she was so cool and mature because she got us around the airports and finessed us first-class seats. Now, I travel to go see my sister in Flordia any chance I can get. The first time I was a little bit nervous but now I love it.

While traveling alone, I am not responsible for anyone else so I can do my own thing. Also, it allows me to get to meet different people I would not have met if I had the comfort of sitting next to people I already know. I have met retired doctors, a law school student, unhappy married couples, and plenty of crying babies. I love the idea of learning someone’s story, connecting with them, and then wishing them well as they venture off.

During this midterm break, I traveled to see my boyfriend in Long Island and I took a plane into JFK and then a train. You best believe I put on Lorde’s Melodrama album and stared out the train window like a main character.

I have also come to terms with doing things alone in general. This is a little more difficult for me because I am a natural extrovert, but it is fun to romanticize sitting at the coffee shop and catching up on school work with my $8 milkshake I call coffee.

5. Nights-In

My perfect Friday night looks like ordering food, watching a Disney movie, playing uno, hanging out with a small group of friends, and then going to sleep. Freshman year we used to hang out til like four in the morning and, to be honest, I literally do not know how I survived that. I would so much rather stay in than spend excessive amounts of money out on the town in uncomfortable clothes. Give me my pjs, please!

I am sure many more things will evolve with each season of my life. It is always fun to reflect back and appreciate where you have come from and where you are going. Before you know it I will be sitting in my old grandma chair with a church sermon on, crocheting, and sipping my cup of tea. Who am I kidding…I already am there!

Kim Mitchell is a member of the SBU Her Campus chapter. This is her second year writing for the site. Kim covers advice and experience pertaining to college life and emotional well-being. She also covers popular media such as trending telivision shows and books. Kim is currently a senior at St.Bonaventure University. She is pursuing a bachelor of arts in psychology and a spanish minor with aspirations to attain a masters in clinical mental health counseling. When she is not writing you can find Kim singing in her church's worship band, outside enjoying nature, or curled up with a good book. She is always down to challenge you in a game of Mario Kart, knowing full well she will probably be in last place.