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As spirituality begins to rise in popularity, it’s important that we understand some basic concepts associated with chakras. Chakras are energy points within our bodies. We have about seven of them; crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and our root chakra. These seven points form a general line down the body starting at our heads and working down to our lower pelvis/stomach area.

These areas can generally affect our physical and emotional wellbeing, so it is important to have a deeper understanding. It is very important to keep your chakras clear and well balanced to prevent any potential emotional or physical symptoms in relation to that area of your body. At the beginning of most spiritual journeys, you want to clear these areas from any negative energy, creating new potentials for yourself. 

Most commonly used to clear these areas people will start off with visualization, meditation, sound healing, yoga, reki and even something we do every single day… eating. As I go on, I will explain some of these chakras a little more in depth, and ways you can incorporate this practice into your life. 

To begin with, the crown chakra is located at the top of our heads. This acts as an inspiration for ourselves, this chakra allows you to have a deeper connection with the universe and promotes clarity. The color violet is often used to represent this chakra. When this energy point is blocked you may feel symptoms of increased isolation, unable to connect spiritually, depression and nerve pain. When it comes to clearing this point you can focus on many things beginning with fasting and detoxing which removes toxins from our bodys creating a clear mind. You may also want to incorporate crystal usage like amethyst which attracts positive energy or moonstone which encourages personal growth.

The third eye chakra is located near the center of the forehead and is frequentley shown by the color indigo. This chakra promotes wisdom, creativity, inspiration, intuition and sight. If there is a blockage within this chakra you may feel stuck in life, unable to establish a goal for yourself and can even suffer from migraines, poor vision and lack of clarity. In order to promote better energy, you may want to focus on specific yoga poses for instance child’s pose, downward facing dog or the forearm stand. But if yoga is not necessarily your thing, you may want to focus on something different that is easy like eating certain foods; purple grapes, eggplant, blueberries and purple cabbage.

Next is the throat chakra, which is pretty obvious to find the location, but just make it clear, it is the center of our throats. This chakra focuses on communication specifically when it comes to speaking our truth or expressing our emotions. To know if there is a blockage within this chakra you may have some signs such as difficulty expressing your feelings, fear of speaking up, dental issues and or headaches. To deal with this you may want to buy angelite which brings calm and peacefulness in times of stress and negativity. Another way to help clear blockage is by eating foods like raw honey, lemon and herbal teas.  

Following the throat chakra is the heart chakra, located at the sternum/breastbone. When dealing with a blockage in this chakra, symptoms such as a tight chest, lack of empathy, overly critical/demanding and playing the victim can occur. Yoga is a great method to help with this, poses such as reclined cobra pose, bridge pose and bow pose tend to help the most when it comes to opening the heart. This chakra is commonly represented by the color green, which shows more in-depth how blockage for this chakra is often cleared by eating green foods. 

The last chakra I am going to cover within this article is the root chakra, located at the base of your spine. This shows our sense of safety and security within ourselves. Just like all the others, the symptoms vary. In this case, feeling ungrounded, lack of energy and not feeling secure are not rare. In my personal preference to clear any blockage in this area is crystals; black tormulite is made to clear energy blockages as well as protect against negative energy that comes our way in life. 

Now that I have rambled on about all different types of food, yoga and crystals you can use in your everyday life that can help clear some of your chakras to help promote a better spiritual journey, I will wrap it up by saying that these are all general ways to help you go about clearing chakras. In order to have the best results, you must focus on methods that work best for you, which yes, can include a lot of research but definitely is worth having an overall better wellbeing.

Hi! I'm Cassidy a sophomore psychology major here at St. Bonaventure. I love to journal, hang with friends and spend time with my dog!