Esteemed Bonaventure Alumni Dan Barry - Makes a Visit

The works of distinguished alumni cover the halls of the John J. Murphy Professional Building. One alumnus to find on that wall is Dan Barry, 1980 graduate, world traveler, and New York Times columnist

Barry’s most recent book, “The Boys in the Bunkhouse: Servitude and Salvation in the Heartland” was selected as the All Bona Reads book for the incoming freshman to read. Barry visited campus on Monday, September 26th to speak to the freshman class, campus media, the Bonaventure community and visiting high school students.

In a press conference with campus media, Barry expressed how important Bonaventure was in forming his writing technique and how to form concrete images.

“The English department, specifically Richard Simpson, helped me infuse similes and metaphors into my writing to make the reader feel the experience.”

    When writing, Barry says the study of poetry helped him master the art of language. “Poetry teaches me the economy of language”, said Barry. “The placement of words can create energy – aspire to write with the power of poetry.”

For aspiring journalists and writers, Barry says the most important thing is to remain curious. Curiosity gives Barry the inspiration he needs to write. He expressed each one of us has a story and that story is to be treated as a gift. 

Barry also mentioned if venturing into the field of journalism one must be prepared to be satisfied with the honor of the profession due to the low pay and heavy workload.

“Writers are expected to do everything now. You have to write the story then think of a tweet, think of a Facebook post, take a picture and sometimes shoot a video,” Barry said.

As an aspiring journalist Barry stresses never to deny your passion. Passion, curiosity, and perseverance got him to the New York Times, where will it take you?

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