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As the concept of spirituality grows larger we may open ourselves up to the idea of crystal wellness. Crystal wellness is ultimately using crystal healing vibrations in order to help heal ourselves naturally. Yes, I’m talking about those little rocks. I have always been a fan of crystals since I was a child. My parents always had them spread across the house, I couldn’t help but be fanaticized by their beauty. When I was about fourteen and wanted to start my own collection, I became informed of how much they can genuinely improve our well-being. I began experimenting with crystals which I now incorporate into my everyday life, and now I’m here to help you do the same. 

Crystals have a generalized disbelief held within society so let me explain how they work. As humans, we have our own energetic structure which allows us to vibrate at different frequencies. For instance, if we are happy and enthused we vibrate at higher frequencies whereas low frequencies occur when we experience feelings of sadness or disappointment. Atoms are what essentially form the stone itself, therefore crystals radiate their own frequencies. When these are paired or combined with our frequencies it can positively impact our overall well-being of life. 

The first thing when getting involved with crystals is to make sure you are buying them from a trustworthy place. Many shops try to sell fake crystals for profit. I personally recommend finding local spiritual stores around you rather than unreliable places like Earthbound. When it comes to choosing your crystal it’s more like your crystal chooses you. This sounds crazy I know, but trust me you feel drawn to the crystal. There’s a connection. Always make sure you read up on the crystal before purchasing. You want to make the crystal align with your own needs because just as they can positively impact your life; they also can negatively. 

The next step after purchasing is to cleanse and charge your crystal. We automatically attune ourselves to the crystals so without these steps we may attune ourselves into some harmful and negative energy. Cleansing is a process allowing you to make sure they are free from any previous energy. There are multiple ways to go about this such as waving them through burning sage smoke, placing them on selenite, exposing them to sound vibration using a singing bowl, placing them under the full moonlight, and many more which you can explore in various books. When it comes to your crystal journey you want to make sure everything is the best fit for you. 

Just like in people, energy in crystals burn out. This is where the process of charging them takes place which allows for more effective results. Some techniques you may use for this are placing your crystals in a bowl and putting them outside during a rainstorm, holding them in your dominant hand for five to minutes channeling healing energy, placing them in fresh soil beside a plant or leaving them in the moonlight. When it comes to how often to charge them it depends on the usage; weekly if working with daily, monthly if used in short intervals of time, three to six months if laying around your home. 

Last but not least, how to work with crystals. There are so many ways in which I encourage everyone to research, but here are my personal picks for beginners. The most commonly used method is wearing them on your body in any form like jewelry, pockets, bra, etc. Having them in contact with your body allows it to be more effective. Another way you may use crystals is in your bath water by placing them into the bathwater, since you’re essentially sitting and soaking in healing energy. Next, another frequently used method is sleeping with crystals, you can place them in any spot of your choice. This is one of the best methods to incorporate into our daily lives. Lastly, my personal favorite method is meditating with crystals. In order to do this effectively, you should palace the crystal in your palm allowing the energy to go through the palm chakra.

Hi! I'm Cassidy a freshman psych major at St. Bonaventure. I love to journal , hang with friends and spend time with my dog!
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