Balancing Swimming and Biology with Dr.Taylor

Hometown: Nanuet, NY

Year: Senior

Major: Biology

Her Campus: Whats your favorite food?

Taylor: Sushi

HC: What is your dream job?

TH: A medical physician, possibly ob/gyn 

HC: What is one thing you can't start your morning without?

TH: Breakfast

HC: What are you involved in on campus?

TH: Division 1 swimming and diving team, American medical student association

HC: How did swimming in college impact your experience you think?

TH: Swimming has prepared me for the confidence and leadership skills I will need as a future physician. After four years of swimming at such an elite level, I know I will be ready for whatever is thrown my way

HC: What is something you wish people understood about collegiate athletics?

TH: It is hard, but the friends I have made and the experiences I have had make me realize I wouldn't change it for the world. 

HC: You're a biology major, and are now working towards medical graduate school. How has the process of grad school applications been? 

TH: Expensive and so very frustrating. Applying to and interviewing at medical schools is like jumping through hoops. That are on fire. But it's been an emotional and financial investment that I hope will pay out in the long term.

HC: Any advice for someone who wants to study biology or is thinking about medical school in the future?

TH: Be prepared to buckle down, and put in tons of hard work. You won't be able to go out three times a week, and sometime you will be studying when all you want to do is hang out with friends. But if you really want this, you will be more than willing to do whatever it takes.

HC: We wish you the best of luck, as you wait to hear back and last but not least...what is your favorite thing about Bonas?

TH: We are honestly one big happy family. For the last four years, this has been my home away from home. It will be bittersweet finishing up this last year. But I know Bona's has prepared me for the future.