Races on Earth

Saying we’re all human is redundant. 

It’s everything but false. 

Yet the ignorant refuse to acknowledge this reality. 

One’s skin color is just that. 

Their skin color. 

It does not equate to their personality. 

Their characteristics.

No, not even their character. 

Yet as the centuries have proceeded, skin color and “race” became one and the same.

Black (African American), White, Latino/Hispanic, Asian.

Each “race” has their stereotypes shoved by those who know no better on purpose.

How could anyone be born with hatred in their hearts?

A newborn’s mind is as blank as a canvas. 

There’s much for them to learn so their minds can be painted with knowledge about life. 

Hatred is not natural. 

No one was put on this Earth to hate but rather to love. 

If truth be told, 

no one chose their skin color.

Can you imagine if someone went out of their way to make you hate how you were born? 

On a daily basis?

Calling you every racial slur that your parents would never legally name you?

What about accusing you of crimes you didn’t commit?

The law would always side with them rather than you. 

For once. 

Your men would be the dangerous thugs. 

Your women would be loud and ratchet and recklessly promiscuous. 

Your children would be fatherless and destined for delinquency. 

One may think this will never happen, 

but if you make an uncomfortable bed, 

you will one day have to lie in it.  

Your discomfort will go deeper than lower back pain. 


Being a decent human being isn’t difficult.

A smile and a kind word is priceless, 

disrespect and ignorance will leave your pockets full of absurd bills. 

There’s not THAT much or any satisfaction at all for being uncivil to someone of a different color than you. 

Due to the lack of love, many are left with no other choice but to love themselves. 

Isn’t there already enough ugliness in this world?

Everyone breathes oxygen and bleeds the same colored red blood.

This Earth needs some urgent cleansing. 

It was never supposed to be stained by anything gloomy. 

This cleanse can only happen by everyone accepting that we’re all the same as the next person